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05/15/18 12:14 PM #4816    


Rex Booth


There is a resident poltergeist which roams on this site whom occasionally will pull a prank or two.  That be da flip-side:  Johnny-be-bad...  devil

05/15/18 03:08 PM #4817    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)


Poltergeist, huh?  I thought it could be John, but you came to mind, as well!  🤔 


05/15/18 03:46 PM #4818    


Rex Booth

Saundra  aka  Annee Okee,

Can't get enough of  'Ah Dee Lah',  eh whot... young lady?   Let's check with our buddy 'Way up North'  (up in) "Ah'll-ask-her" if they played thar-thar suggestive Eye-talion luv song.  But then again all those good Sunday church-going folks might object to such suggestive sinful soundin' songs. 


Where's Ray Charle's "What I say" when you need it...   

05/16/18 03:40 PM #4819    


Don Ervin

Request for a song.


Theme From a Summer Place:  Percy Faith Requested by-Don Ervin

 True Love Ways Buddy Holly- Rex 

Moon River - Andy Williams-Saundra

05/17/18 11:51 AM #4820    


Rex Booth

JIm Milstead,

Happy Birthday!!

05/17/18 11:53 AM #4821    


Rex Booth

Taking a wild stab at the answers...

1.  A   77 Sunset Strip

2.  B.  Sandra Dee

3.  B.  Monotones

4.  Lea Lake - Bottomless Lakes


Johnny & Tommy,

Requesting:  True Love Ways - Buddy Holly

05/17/18 12:39 PM #4822    


John Landess

Well, way up here in "Ah'll-ask-her", we may be getting spring at last, 44 this am and NOT raining. Had a mama moose looking in my bathroom window that was weird!

Rex, love those Italian songs, in fact have several CDs. One I really like has several songs that we attribute to US singers.."That's Amore", "Que Sera sera", "Volare", "My Way" and many more we think 'ours'. Hearing them in Italian makes one try to remember the english words!!

Saundra, if you can cut the english sub-titles, there is a really fun Italian comedy/romance movie on DVD, "Pane e Tulipani" (Bread and Tulips). It is filmed mainly in Venice, I am sure Amazon has it...




05/17/18 01:04 PM #4823    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Don, good for you for requesting Summer Place!  You beat me to it.  I was going to make that request just to get Rex going again on Troy Donahue.....ha!

John L.  Thanks for the Italian movie suggestion.  I’ll have to check it out.  Venice is one of my very favorite places!

My next request for Tommy and John is Moon River, by Andy Williams.

05/17/18 03:51 PM #4824    


Fred Miller

Well, Rex beat me to the answers again.  We have company...and they will not let me play on the computer......

05/18/18 08:24 AM #4825    


John Allensworth

Theme From A Summer Place - Percy Faith Orchestra - Don Ervin

Moon River - Andy Williams - Saundra Bennett

True Love Ways - Buddy Holly - Rex

Rex hit another Grand Slam by correctly answering all 4 questions, next time maybe I'll see if he can hit a curveball.  Kudos to Tommy for having all of the songs that have been requested.  



05/18/18 11:03 AM #4826    


John Landess

Woke up this am to no rain (yet) and checked this fine web site, with music, contests, and other illuminating things!!!! No Rex, Not you!!!

Anyway, noticed the page number 194 and realized how much time has went by since I was lucky enough to become part of it.... Thanks again, Johnny 

Just for laughs, went back to page 1 and started reading.... memories and a bit of sadness at some of those now MIA.... Billys and others. But how far this has come.

Glad that I got to make the last two reunions and am looking forward to the next in 2022!! laugh

05/18/18 11:13 AM #4827    


Rex Booth


Did you and Annee Okee notice any additions to your request for Summer Place...?  My request for Buddy Holly song was added to your post and did Saundra ever request Moon River?  Soooo it appears the poltergeist is busy at it again....  


Put in a call to Ghostbusters... otherwise John L. may not show at our Gathering this August for fear of the secret initiation we have waiting for him.  


Go ahead, I know your dying to request the Soundtrack from "Parrish"... Don't want to bust your bubble but Connie Stevens said heart-throb Troy kissed like a door knob...  Oh well, ya can't win em all !!  ha

John El,

Yup, them-thar Eye-talion songs were best sung in the old country's language.  Seemed to have more emotion.  Anyone ever notice the influx of Italian-American singers with songs aimed at the youth during the late 1950's to early 1960's?  For example: (R)ankie Avalon, Lou Christie, Bobby Darin, Dion DiMucci, Fabian Forte, Annette Funicello, Frankie Lane, Bobby Rydell, Bobby V, Jerry Vale, Frankie Valli to name a few.  Neil Sedaka and Paul Anka were not of Italian descent.  El Juan, how's that for your 'Illuminati'...

Johnny & Tommy,

My request is:  Andrea Bocelli's  " Il Mare Calmo Della Sera" (The Calm Evening Sea)  or "La Voce del Silenzio"  (The Voice of Silence)

I can email those to you if Tommy doesn't have it.



05/18/18 11:34 AM #4828    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

John and Tommy, I’d like to request the soundtrack from Parrish.  If you don’t have it,...ask Rex to e-mail it to you.  

Rex, I had already moved on to George Peppard from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”  🙃

05/19/18 08:04 AM #4829    


Rex Booth


Mo bettah move...  yes



05/19/18 12:49 PM #4830    


Don Ervin

I know it is someone else's turn to request a song.  However; if no one else does.  I request Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny.

05/19/18 03:50 PM #4831    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Rex, I am glad you approve.  Thanks for the link.  Ya gotta love Audrey Hepburn!

05/20/18 11:52 AM #4832    


Rex Booth

El Juan,

Now that you’re in the frige of “Ah’ll-ask-her” does that mean the G-men shut down your ‘still’ in them-thar hills of Tennessee? So you’re now in hiding?  Ain’t you never heard of the ‘long arm of the law'?  Your secret is safe with moi though… Ah won’t mention the village you’ve holed-up in ‘way up north’.  Teacha Annie, how’s that fer corrupting English composition?

Technically speaking the Sinatra song “My Way” and the original French “Comme d'habitude” and are two different songs. "Comme d'habitude was written and recorded first in 1967. Paul Anka purchased the rights to the music only (not the lyrics) and wrote a new lyrics totally unrelated to the original, thereby creating a distinct and separate song, My Way.  So, even though the tune is the same and the original composers receive royalties for both songs, neither is a translation or version of the other. However, some might say it’s almost a rip. Paul Anka changed the words and meaning of a French song but using the same melody.

For all you 'music lovers'

The original 1967 “Comme d'habitude” (As Usual) by Claude François


The  1969 version  My Way  by Frank Sinatra

05/20/18 02:05 PM #4833    


Linda Tanner (Ridge)

  Hey Johnny and Lynn Congrats on your first great grandchild have a safe trip


05/20/18 05:51 PM #4834    


Don Ervin

Where is Wolfman Jack when you need him?

05/21/18 08:49 AM #4835    


Rex Booth

Dandy Don,  

Your cuz Bill Turley had the complete scoop on Robert Smith aka Wolfman Jack.

Live!!!  from Radio Station XERF-AM 200,00 Watts in Cuidad Acuna, Mexcio... right across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, Texas. 


"Hello Babis... Wanna make a request?"  OOoowwooooohh!!

Image result for wolfman jack howl



05/21/18 11:07 PM #4836    


John Landess

Wow Rex...

You are indeed a "font'e de informations"..... my only other semi french thing is "ou' sant les toilettes??"  or "Mon aeroglisseur est plein d'anguilles??" so  Av war!


ps the freeze is over..54 degrees today AND sunshine... brought my still with me.

Congrats, Lynn and Johnny... what took so long??? some of us are getting buried in GGkidswink

05/21/18 11:18 PM #4837    


John Landess

New Contest  (hey Johnny said....)

How many Great Grandkids???

Winner to get discount ticket for pampers or some other 'great' prize!

05/22/18 12:04 PM #4838    


Rex Booth

El Juan aka  El Kaptan Magic Wand,

Thanks for your kind words.  Yes, my cup runneth over... pour another from your still.

Regarding your French bathroom adventures:  "Avez-vous mouillé votre pantalon apprendre a dire ou est la salle de bain…" Aha !

Voulez-vous couche avec moi ce soir… only words needed.  

Au revoir mon ami

~ D’Artagnan

But wait!  Where bee Mademoiselle Saundra aka Teacha Annie Oakee??!!



05/22/18 06:22 PM #4839    


Fred Miller

Good post, Rex for Wolfman Jack.  Many years ago, I remember listening to him on the radio.

05/24/18 11:17 AM #4840    


Rex Booth


Ain't it 'bout time to put summer place out of its misery?  Ever time Ah git on 'th mess-age fo-rum... all mah sheep git riled up and start molesting mah dog.

Annutha thang... Sheep tell heap big Lies!!!

~ Injun Joe

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