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10/06/18 05:50 PM #5118    


Joe Treat

I remember that someone spelled out “Slick” on his lawn with ice cream salt.


10/07/18 10:34 AM #5119    


Bill Leggett



10/07/18 10:41 AM #5120    


Rex Booth

Bob Gilmore,

Hope you are doing as fine as fine can be on your Birthday!  Ann Black sez she misses you... wink

10/07/18 10:46 AM #5121    


Bill Leggett

REX You are BADwink

10/07/18 10:50 AM #5122    


Rex Booth

All the ladies who love me, call me 'good-bad'....

10/08/18 09:06 AM #5123    


Stephen Wolfe

Bill Leggett

The picture you posted was indeed our principal when we graduated, but the picture is of Mr. Williamson, not Mr. ("Slick") Nelson..We also remember Mr. Nelson for his pants, worn waaaay higher than most men wore them!  Fun days! 

10/09/18 01:03 PM #5124    


Bill Leggett

Steve I think the name slick was also given to Mr. Williamson, do to his ball headsad

10/12/18 11:56 AM #5125    


Sanford Green

Happy birthday Tommy!!

10/12/18 03:29 PM #5126    


Charline Lake

Fact!  Or wait, is this a trick question, Johnny?

10/13/18 07:47 AM #5127    


Dan Cook

Hi Tommy!  Hope you are doing well! 

Happy birthday!


10/13/18 08:27 AM #5128    


Ferrell Dunham

Happy Birthday Tommy. Enjoy your day.

10/13/18 10:41 AM #5129    


Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Hey Tommy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Hope you have a great day!!

John and Lynn

10/13/18 05:58 PM #5130    


Rex Booth

Ok Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gents


Several classmates contributed various stories of interest regarding Robert Nelson Principal at RHS.


However the “FACT or Fiction” question was not answered:  “Nelson was principal at RHS from 1952 through 1961”


Double Click link below (to solve the mystery)


On the window with “Own this book” scroll all the way down to "Administration"


Then scroll down a few more window panes


Robert H. Nelson (Principal) 


Nelson looked young, chipper and slick in 1952…








10/14/18 09:19 AM #5131    


Diane Alley

Tommy I missed your birthday. I hope you enjoyed your day.

10/14/18 10:53 AM #5132    


John Landess

Just returned from a visit with my 98 year old uncle at the Missouri Veterans Home.... sad to see what happens with our "old" vets that outlive families or have none near to help in their final years. But am impressed with the younger staff and nurses helping them there.

A belated Happy Birthday to all the OCTOBERITES!!!

10/14/18 12:42 PM #5133    


Rex Booth

John L

Did your Uncle impart any history or stories from his service during WW2?

10/14/18 12:43 PM #5134    


Paula Carl (Cowee-Miller)

I know we hated the Vietnam War but many served there because they were in our Armed Forces. My husband David was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross but it was never given to him in a formal ceremony. Yesterday that was rectified. In the picture he is on the far right and the narrator is reading the account of that award. David was on an unarmed plane as a radio intercept operator. The targets he located were surrounding Dak To in November 1968. The resulting air strike saved countless Allied ground forces. This was a beautiful ceremony honoring a man who loves this country and served proudly.  There were over 20 Vietnam Veterans in attendance who received the Vietnam Lapel Pinissed on the 50th Anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from vietbam. Just wanted to share. 

10/14/18 01:51 PM #5135    


Charline Lake

Wonderful, Paula.  Thanks for sharing.

10/14/18 03:46 PM #5136    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

Paula thank you for sharing.   A deserved Honor.

10/14/18 11:07 PM #5137    


Joe Treat

Mr. Williamson kept wanting or needed our "corporation".  Larry wilson even wrote a funny song about corporating  and selling stock in Roswell High.

10/15/18 02:36 PM #5138    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Thank you for letting us know, Paula.  We're thankful some of our Vietnam veterans are finally getting the honors they deserve.  Pat and David

10/15/18 07:25 PM #5139    


Fred Miller

Thanks for sharing, Paula.  It was long overdue.

10/16/18 09:32 AM #5140    


Bill Leggett

Paula yes Thank you, an thank your Dad, I agree it was long overdue.

There are so many others out their that have never gotten the Medals their are do 

10/16/18 12:13 PM #5141    


Paula Carl (Cowee-Miller)

Thank you class of 1962. Your kind remarks to my husband have been passed to him. This was a wonderful way in which The Lord allowed me to honor him. It was amazing that Barksdale Air Force Base, Shreveport, public affairs division,  orchestrated the ceremony simply to honor him. Our Texas State Legislators and Gov Abbott also issued proclamations that were read. It was a wonderful display of the richness of our country’s heritage and the love that we share for the “Home of the Brave and Land of the Free”. 

10/16/18 02:16 PM #5142    


Rex Booth


Church described as 1st Baptist is:  Fiction   

Fact:  It's the 'old' 1st Methodist Church on the corner of West 2nd & Penn.  A modern 1st Methodist Church has been built at the same location.  Does that make me a deacon now...?   wink

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