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11/29/18 12:13 PM #5232    


Rex Booth

Chrys Harris is a long time dear friend of Charlotte who traveled from Denver with Charlotte for our 55th Class Reunion.  Chrys asked me to post this for Charlotte's 'close' friends on the forum.

Dear friends of Charlotte, 

Charlotte has moved into an apartment at Balfour Senior Living.  It was a difficult transition but she is settling in more each day. The Senior living apartment is very nice and offers many activities for Charlotte!  Charlotte appears to be happier now than she has been for a long time.

Please pass her address to all of her friends on your list.  Next Wednesday Dec. 5th is Charlotte’s 75th birthday, it would be wonderful if you could send her a card to let Charlotte know she is not forgotten.  

The ALZ keeps her present memory in a fog but she still has her mid and long term memory and I know how happy it would make her to hear from you.  Her new address is:
Charlotte Adams
Balfour Senior Living
Apartment 123
8160 W. Coal Mine Ave
Littleton CO 80123
Thank you,

Chrys Harris

Littleton, Colorado




11/29/18 06:30 PM #5233    


Fred Miller

Wishing the best for Charlotte. 


Rex, I thought my song for those waiting was "Sirius" by the Alan Parsons Project.

11/30/18 09:42 AM #5234    


Patricia Hundley (Lappin)


Thanks Rex for Charlotte’ s New information.  I have her old info so I’m happy to get this. I will be sending a card for her birthday.   This just put a big lump in my throat. Surreal. We were both born in Ardmore Oklahoma and our dads were in the navy together. Remained friends and both families ended up in Roswell.  I continue today to realize just how small the world really is.  Such a bright and sweet person. Always an inspiration. 

11/30/18 12:08 PM #5235    


Mettie Cummins

So glad to get the latest info on our dear Charlotte. I most definitely will be sending her a birthday card !! I am glad to hear that she seems happy again. I hope this new location will be a good fit for her & that she makes many new friends & has some enjoyment. Thank you both for getting the info to us all. She happy holidays ahead for you. 

11/30/18 01:59 PM #5236    


Bill Leggett

Just read That Alaska had a 7.0 quake in Anchorage today. Lot of dammage 

11/30/18 03:09 PM #5237    


David Holdridge

East Side School was located in the 500 block of East Fifth Street  between Shartell and Garden.  There is a large vacant lot there now.

11/30/18 05:06 PM #5238    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)


That was so nice of Chtys to send the letter to you to post, and thank you for passing it on to us. We hope Charlotte knows how highly we think of her!  Pleased she is adjusting to her new living situation.  I have a birthday card ready to put in the mail tomorrow, and will try to send other cards periodically.

Btw, Annee says to thank Wahl Bill for that cute li’l diddy!

11/30/18 09:12 PM #5239    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

You are correct, David.  I attended the 4th grade there, then to Military Heights for 5th and 6th.

12/01/18 09:43 AM #5240    


Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Mack, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Hope you have a great day!!!  Now that you are older than me, I'm feeling much bettersmiley!!  Big Hugsheart Lynn

12/01/18 11:20 AM #5241    


Rex Booth


Yes,  'Sirius' by the Alan Parsons project is a great opening instrumental!  My son recorded 'Sirius' onto video tapes of my grandson's national Judo completions.  However, you 'Sirus-ly' need to check your cell's 'greeting' cuz dis be what I hear when calling yo numbah...  smiley




12/01/18 12:14 PM #5242    


John Landess

Rex, thanks for the info on Charlotte, I mailed her a card the next morning (yesterday).  Also, Happy Birthday to all you other Decemberites!!!


12/02/18 01:01 PM #5243    


Rex Booth

John L,

I know Charlotte will appreciate your card including other friends who sent them as well!!  How are things up in Soldotna?  You heard any word on your home?

12/03/18 08:43 AM #5244    


John Landess


All seems to be fine on the Alaska home front. My "baby" sister drove up the hill to check out my "tiny" house and said all looks fine. The Kenai Peninsula has as usual had few problems from the shakes. In our area, the ground is laid over hundreds of feet of gravel, which works somewhat as a shock absorber. In the Anchorage area, there is a great layer of clay and other fines, which liquidfy or just slump in a quake. Since the BIG one in 1964, most of new construction there meets stringent quake requirements. But nothing can withstand ol' Mother Nature when she really wants to show her power!!

Oh well, just another day in the Alaska annual record of 40,000 earthquakes a year.frownThanks for asking,

and this would be a good time to hear  a little Jerry Lee Lewis and a "whole lot of shaking going on"!!

12/03/18 06:42 PM #5245    


Rex Booth

John El,

Glad things are OK on the home front... "meanwhile back on the Tundra".  This is John Cameron Cameron reporting...  This'll have the ladies shakin' it all the way up the Aleutian Islands and back... !!


Put on "Full Screen"




12/04/18 05:05 AM #5246    


Don Ervin

I don't know who the Kid was on the Home Page, but he sure is a good looking dude!

12/04/18 08:08 AM #5247    


Rex Booth

And the "Kalifornia Kid" to boot...!!   wink

12/04/18 11:25 AM #5248    


John Landess

Thanks Rex, hard to believe the killer did that show while we we in the 7th or 8th grade....probably

didn't even see it as our TV days were limited.

PS  how do you like my seasonable writing?

Only 21 more days to CHRISTMAS!!



12/04/18 05:07 PM #5249    


Rex Booth

El Juan,

The Killer was doing 13 in  '57....   'Siri-ously' is that really seize-onal writing...?  Where's Fred?



Related image


12/04/18 05:10 PM #5250    


Diane Alley

I think everyone on the home page is in pretty good company.
Merry Christmas to all 63 classmates.

12/04/18 05:11 PM #5251    


Diane Alley

Oops. Typo.I meant '62 as you all know.

12/04/18 05:14 PM #5252    


Rex Booth


Yeah right... we  all know you're flirting with the "The Kid"   wink

12/05/18 05:22 AM #5253    


Don Ervin

Thanks Diane and a Merry Christmas to you too and all the class of 62 also.

12/07/18 10:36 AM #5254    


Patricia Hundley (Lappin)


Thanks Rex for the Jerry Lee Lewis video. We recently went to Branson and went to the Million Dollar Quartet show. After watching this I think the Jerry Lee Lewis impersonation was pretty darn good.  

John. Love your Christmas pages. Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Might as well include a Happy New Year too. Can’t believe another year has rolled around.  Sure love being able to connect with friends  what a great class we had/have. Sure sad when we lose one of those dear to us. Sometimes  it is hard to believe we are getting older  until I try to act like a 20-30 year old  lol  Then the truth is there  Be safe


12/08/18 12:28 PM #5255    


Rex Booth

Hi Tricia,

Sounds like you and Grant had a great time in Branson.  An impersonator did Paul McCartney at the Pearson Auditorium (NMMI) last year.  He looked, played piano, and sang just like Paul.  He also played at the Spencer Theatre near Alto.

Have a question for ya.  Wild Bill Hiccup and Annee Okee is askin' if Dolly Parton at the Stampede wants to add a Wild West "Shootin' Iron Contest to her show.  We don't come cheap though... wink


12/09/18 06:02 PM #5256    


Fred Miller No. 5249...

I am right here.  < waves>....


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