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10/10/19 11:05 AM #5760    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Charline, jump right in!  The more the merrier...huh Mettie?  Great idea, Pat!  I was going to suggest pitching some hay in the trailer, for comfort,  but I don’t think that would go with our “Angel’s theme.  Does this mean we need to wear white leather jackets?  This is going to be great fun!!!  πŸ€—πŸ˜œ

10/10/19 11:21 AM #5761    


John Landess

WOW, I can't believe that in this day and age, those of us male gender types have not even been invited to ride! All I can say is WOW.....crying

The only TRIKE I know of in Tennessee may haul a trailer but has no 2nd seat!


10/10/19 12:20 PM #5762    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

John L., this particular biker ride with Mettie is a female thing.  Any of you of the male gender are welcome to meet us in Ruidoso and treat us to lunch.   How does that sound?

10/10/19 12:50 PM #5763    


Diane Alley

It sounds to me like we will need a second bike! I could provide a follow vehicle and a camper trailer with all the conveniences.

10/10/19 04:28 PM #5764    


Don Ervin

Tommy W.

Need some help to refresh my memory.  We had a dance at the high school and at the time you were on cruches.  They started playing a song and you handed your cruches to someone and went out to dance.  I think your partner was (Perrrine Gerard?)  You danced for a short while and then two teachers came out and kicked the both you  off the dance floor.  They said you were dirty dancing.

Question?  What dance were you doing?

10/11/19 10:29 AM #5765    


Mettie Cummins

Hi girls!    I like our new name & white leather jackets sound terrific. Am so glad Charlene is coming down to join us .... now who else is gonna get a bike to join us if we have too many!!  Diane I think if your providing the convinces then bring on the follow vehicle. 

10/11/19 02:28 PM #5766    


Patrick Riley

Home page photo ... the cast of our Junior Class Play ... "The Egg and I".

10/12/19 08:14 AM #5767    


John Landess

Well, after a visit to my 99 year old Uncle over in the Missouri Veteran's Home, since returning, I have had a (or more) senior moment(s), been remiss, or as my Uncle would put it "delinquent in my duties"!!

SO SORRY, but I do want to wish a Happy Birthday to all the Octoberites!!!

(yah yah.. I know, I have been a delinquent most of my life)


10/12/19 12:41 PM #5768    


Rex Booth

Patrick Riley,

Nice to hear from you!  Good on ya for your contribution re: the Junior Class Play the  "Egg 'n Eye"...

In the picture, it looks like: Perrine Girard, Tom Parsons, Martha Key, Shereeliz Caldwell, and Steve Wolfe.  Can you name the remaining three in the cast?  Any other takers ?

10/12/19 01:32 PM #5769    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

I think the girl next to Perrine is Louise Kling, and the girl on the end looks like it could be Sally Woicikowfski.  I don’t know who the guy is at the end to the left.  Anybody recognize him?

10/13/19 10:06 AM #5770    


Fred Miller

Happiest of Birthdays to Tommy and to Darrell today....!!!

10/13/19 10:11 AM #5771    


Rex Booth

T-Texas Tom,

Kick off yer spurs and have a great West Texas Birthday!!

10/13/19 10:18 AM #5772    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Tommy, wishing you a GREAT, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   Enjoy yourself all day doing the things you like!  Pat and David

10/13/19 07:27 PM #5773    


Mettie Cummins

Happiest of birthdays to Tommy &  Dartell

10/14/19 09:46 PM #5774    


Tommy Weathers

Don Ervin. It was the Bop. I had gone to Amarillo to a dance (Sock Hop) the week after I busted up my knee and some sweet little Texas girl show me how to do the Bop. I was going to show the Roswell girls how to do it but the teachers didn't like what we were doing and made us stop. It was not that bad. Maybe it was the body bums they didn't like. The girl was Linda Youse.

10/15/19 05:50 AM #5775    


John Landess

WOW Tommy, You were hanging with senior girls even back then!!

I had to look her up in the '61 yearbook. I saw that her "suppressed desire" was to homestead in Alaska. In fact, in reading many of the suppressed desires, I had to smile. Seems that way back then 1/2 of the young ladies wanted guys and named them, and the young men were split between getting rich and being playboys..

Times have changed.......

10/15/19 10:41 AM #5776    


Diane Alley

A late happy birthday to all of our Octoberites. I had to drive back to Kansas City and missed several of you. Hope a good time was had by allπŸŽ‚πŸ·πŸΈ

10/17/19 09:43 AM #5777    


Rex Booth


Happy Birthday to a very sweet beautiful lady!!


10/17/19 11:46 AM #5778    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Saundra, hope you have a GREAT birthday.  Pat and David

10/17/19 06:31 PM #5779    


Patrick Riley

Latest home page photo:

Back row: David Holdridge, Pat Riley, Rocky Rockhold, Don Hayes, Demo Metarelis and Tom Mangham.

Front row: (?) and Fran Bunderle.

10/17/19 07:26 PM #5780    


Charline Lake

Front row left:  maybe Pam Papworth?

10/17/19 08:01 PM #5781    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Yes, Pam Papworth

10/18/19 03:02 PM #5782    


John Landess

What was the event that the photo was taken for???

10/18/19 04:15 PM #5783    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Thanks for the birthday wishes Rex, Diane, Pat and David!  I had a really nice birthday! This morning our son flew in from Colorado and our niece and family is coming in from Austin this evening.  Looking forward to celebrating all weekend!!!

10/21/19 11:36 AM #5784    


Darrell Barnes

One of the gifts of getting older is the recognition that every day is a gift and blessing and you should begin the day with a grateful heart.

What a wonderful time; to look back in your memories and see all the fantastic people who have crossed your path. The people in your youth who had faith in you and helped guide your journey. The friends from long ago that still when you think of them makes your heart happy. The things you achieved; but in your youth seemed out of reach and never to be. Looking back and seeing that you were loved and that God had been with you the entire journey even when you thought he wasn't!

Much love to all; Peace and most of all thank you! Thank you for crossing my path.

God's Blessings to all!

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