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07/28/18 10:59 PM #5015    


John Landess

Well, just came from a day on the river... fishing is very poor this year so far. But did get a couple of nice sockeye (reds) and kept 3 super clean female pinks (humpies) That is seldom done by real Alaskans, but we need something for the smokehouse.

Saw the terrible photo posted by Bill L. Sadly, Billy Turley can't advise me, but is that #25!!!!!

07/29/18 11:04 AM #5016    


Rex Booth

El Juan,

I beleive the picture caption should read: "Pam and Don were Barn Dance Favorites.  A side note. Pam came to Roy's Summer Party a couple years ago and presented Don with the same braided wig he wore the day of the 'barn' dance. Pam said it was really a "Sadie Hawkins" dance. Don's cousin Bill Turley showed as a surprise guest and presented a plaque trophy to Don for being "The Best Good Sport". Don got a lot of attention from the ladies who said they were braided-wig hair sylists. Many said if Don had a guitar in the 2016 picture complete with wig he'd a looked just like Willie Nelson!!  

Dandy Don,

Do we have your OK to post some of those pictures... are you still a good sport?!!   wink



07/29/18 12:00 PM #5017    


Bill Leggett

REX , yes that is Pan & Don, by the way REX, this is the first time you been on the site in TWO Weeks, missed some of your reply, I put the original picture up with Pam & Don's name on it


07/29/18 03:48 PM #5018    


Don Ervin

Go ahead Rex.  You guys got me once might as well do it again.  I know if "Cuz" was around he wouldn't ask he would just post them.

07/29/18 09:42 PM #5019    


John Landess

Don, I knew that was you, but thought it was time to revive the #25 mystery... Maybe those of you at the "gathering" could work on that in between all the other mysteries going on there!wink Your cuz would have approved, I'm sure.

I was wondering about El Rex myself. Thought he might have finally found a car hop to run off with! But it was true, this site was pretty quiet.

As far as what dance they were at...I would not have known, never attending any.... But, I do know what a Sadie Hawkins get-up looks like, I have a photo of Johnny's cousin Sue A. from Carlsbad all dressed up for it at school :)   Did RHS have a Sadie Hawkins Day at the school? I should have paid more attention rather than plotting how to ditch my double study hall periods at the end of the day.

07/30/18 08:36 PM #5020    


Rex Booth





June 2016 -  Jacque & Roy's Summer Party


Don's cousin Bill Turley drove from San Diego to 'surprise'  Don!


Pam Harris was a 'surprise guest' as well...


Pam & Don were contestants at a RHS Sadie Hawkins Dance in 1962 - They won the Trophy!  (what's Bill holding in his right hand...?)



Picture of  Pam & Don cross-dressing... Who knew?


Bill Turley presenting Don with the "Best Sport" Award


Don sez  "What in the world is this." ?



Pam has another surprise for Don...


"You want me to put on that...?"  


These two are red-heads...  (This was the same braided wig Don wore in 1962)


"If Don was holding a guitar he'd be a dead ringer for Willie Nelson" !!!


Dandy Don,  Thank you my freind for playing along and being such a good sport!!







07/31/18 05:07 AM #5021    


Don Ervin

It's amazing what a prettty girl can get a guy to do.

07/31/18 04:00 PM #5022    


Fred Miller

Great pictures, Rex.

07/31/18 11:30 PM #5023    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

The pictures are great.  What fun........

08/01/18 01:27 PM #5024    


Rex Booth

Someone asked me a question about the picture with Pam & Don. 

Did anyone notice Linda Weathers with a cane?  Isn't it amazing that Linda can still tap dance with the Rac-a-Taps...??!!!   wink


Dandy Don,

Next time at Jacque & Roy's Summer Party... bring your cuffs.  ha

08/01/18 01:54 PM #5025    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Linda doesn't use a cane and can still tap like you wouldn't believe!

08/01/18 03:50 PM #5026    


Don Ervin

Linda was holding my cane for me.

08/02/18 10:26 AM #5027    


Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Pat is right!  Linda is an amazing tap dancer!!  She is our tap teacher and we have learned so much from her!!!

08/02/18 06:10 PM #5028    


Rex Booth

Johnny A,

I've discovered what it takes to get the ladies to "chime in".

But wait !!  We've not heard from Linda W... wink

08/04/18 11:38 AM #5029    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Happy Birthday, Alice!  Have fun and enjoy your special day!  Looking forward to seeing you and Mack at the   ‘Gathering’ in a couple of weeks!

08/04/18 11:48 AM #5030    


Rex Booth


Happy Birthday!  See ya in Alto!!  Which be a few miles north of Rude Dosie...

08/04/18 12:54 PM #5031    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Happy Birthday, Alice.  Hope it's a great day for you.  Hugs, Pat and David

08/05/18 09:25 AM #5032    


Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Alice, hope you had the best Birthday EVER!  Just hope you didn't do anything CRAZY!!!!!

Hugs!!!! Lynn

08/05/18 01:28 PM #5033    


Mettie Cummins

Happiest of Birthdays, Alice. Hope it is a fun day for you & you enjoy it all. See you soon @ the “Gathering”- Mettie

08/06/18 08:49 AM #5034    


Alice Isaacs (Ratliff)

Thanks to all the friends that sent me Birthday wishes. Appreciate the thoughts. I had a great weekend.

Had a 2 day birthday celebration. Isn't that what you are suppose to do? See some of you soon. Love to all.


08/11/18 01:06 PM #5035    


John Landess

Rex is being quiet again.... either he is plotting something or really might be chasing a car hop somewhere!!

Check out the home page photos... did anyone other than me notice some very strange sights in the air over both the Ball-o-Jac and the Starlite??? nothing over the Jingle Bob though. We lived just across North Prarie from it and nothing but pigeons ever flew around there, when they were not being caught for supper by some folks down the road. 

Well, happy birthday to all the Augustonians and have a super "GATHERING*".  

*still a great name for a sci-fi or horror movie....or maybe a grunge band!

08/14/18 05:58 PM #5036    


Rex Booth

News Flash!!  Read all about it!!

“El Juan Dreams He Was Abducted” !!  "Juan claims he wound up at a gathering somewhere near Alto for medical experiments. He may not be too far from wrong.  If El Juan ever sobers up from all the anesthesia he imbibbed (Tennessee Moon) then he may discover what those lights really were… ‘hovering’ above the Star-lite Drive-In.  Heads up Juan. Your favorite car hop Wanda Bovine is being kept with the herd for observation and future testing".  Here's hoping none come up with hoof and mouth disease...  sad



08/14/18 06:27 PM #5037    


John Landess

Johnny A.

As you can see, I too have learned how to get the chiming in done!!!wink

08/14/18 06:54 PM #5038    


Rex Booth

El Juan,

Heard you were deep into a basement groupie thing.  Hardcore Grungies all agree your class picture would make for a great "poster child".  "Chime in for more dime novel ryhmes filled with lime grime wine never drank before it's time"...  Give yer kudos to Orson Wells. 

08/17/18 12:20 PM #5039    


John Landess

Rex, you can joke all you want, but did you notice how fast those drive-in photos diappeared after I mentioned the unusual things in the sky?

I don't want to sound paranoid*, but I am sure that NSA, FDS, and all those other agencies are tagging all message sites in the USA!!!  BTW Rex, who did you say you were doing some work for LATELY!!!???

*note: just because one is paranoid, does NOT mean there is not someone out to get you!!!!!

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