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02/23/18 06:42 PM #4559    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

Don I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays.  I hope your day is as special as you make every day for me, with a beautiful song.   You are very special.

02/23/18 09:34 PM #4560    


Bill Leggett


Dorothy Wade (Crawford)

Hello Linda and Happy Birthday!  Grant and I are praying for you and your family. We never did get to come to the Lake Havausu balloon rally and get you that balloon flight.  We have fond memories of our visit and adventures at Bell Cross Ranch.  Love you, Peaches



Marie Gaines (Harris)

Happy Birthday, Linda,

Don sends me music, also...that is always a great way to start the day...LOVE gospel and country music.


Prayers for you and family.


Carolyn Fondy (Herring)

Happy Birthday Linda.  I was in the class of 63.  Your name sounds so familiar I’m sure we saw each other at school but just didn’t get to meet.  You are truly in our prayers.  I wrote my testimony on the first gospel album I recorded. Because you and I love gospel music I wanted to share a verse. “Once I flew, with broken wings. My spirit crushed by earthly things. Had I known then, what Jesus brings, I’d not have flown, with broken wings. “. God bless you


Connie Schuerman (Von Dielingen)

Hi Linda - I was in the RHS class of 63 and I do remember you from RHS !  Happy Birthday Wishes to you on Saturday - You and Don share a special day !  Also sending you my prayers that God gives you strength and courage to meet any challenges of each day ahead !  Connie 


John Radzinski

Hi Linda, my name is John Radzinski. I am a member of the RHS class of 63. I understand you are having a rough go of it, so I thought I would first wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I live in Utah and right now it is a winter wonderland here, lots of snow. I don't know where you live, but I hope the weather there is to your likeing. Sometimes the weather plays a role in how our day goes and how we are feeling. I have included you in my prayers, and I know the lord hears our prayers so hopefully your day and weeks ahead will be full of hope and peace in your heart knowing everything will turn out for the best. Your friend Don Ervin is concerned about you and I know how important it is to have friends out there thinking about us. So, please have a great day and know people are thinking of you. JOHN

Rebecca Cram (Carinci)

Happy birthday, Linda 🎂 I hope you have a blessed day and you are in my prayers 🙏🏻

FROM RHS Class of 1963.

02/24/18 07:04 AM #4561    


Billie Butts (Mathias)


Hi, everyone.  I need to take a minute to wish Linda a very happy birthday, and peace in your journey.  I never realized that there was so much faith and strength in our class.  May you be blessed.  Also, to Kay, I read your book and was so moved by your testimony.  So deep.  I'm not a reader, so it was a real thrill to find something that could hold my interest long enough to read the whole thing.  Amazing.  Thank you for writing your deepest feelings to share with the rest of us.




02/24/18 08:12 AM #4562    


Charline Lake

Linda, my dear!  Here's a cake and a Keep Calm  and a link to a wonderful song that I heard for the first time this week.  Have a lovely birthday.  Ain't life grand despite everything?  Sending much love, Charline

Happy Birthday Cakes A Happy Birthday Cake For My Best Friend Everyone Please Wish My Bff A Happy With Many Colors Ribbon

Image result for fight like a girl happy birthday




02/24/18 09:01 AM #4563    


Joe Treat

Linda, have a very happy birthday.  Keep fighting, there are new discoveries and treatments every day though you may have to search for them.  You are in my thoughts.

02/24/18 09:06 AM #4564    

A. A. Robles

Happy Birthday Linda, may you have a great day with family and friends. You are in our in our prayers. Andy Robles

02/24/18 09:31 AM #4565    


Alice Isaacs (Ratliff)


Mack and I want to send you wishes for a Very Happy Birthday.

I remember us girls walking down to the pond at the Bell Ranch. So much fun.

I hope you got to visit with  Mr. Summersgill during the reunion. So glad he could come.

Remember, Linda, God gives us no more than our shoulders can bare. You stay strong.

Hugs on YOUR DAY.

Alice and Mack

02/24/18 09:37 AM #4566    

Dana Jennings (Garlow)

Hi Linda, want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Loved seeing you at the reunion. I am praying hard for you sweet girl. My email is please email me. Love ya

02/24/18 10:08 AM #4567    


Nelson Evans

We hope you have a very Happy Birthday. In addition to keeping you in our nightly prayers, we attended a Guy Penrod concert at a church here in Florida last night and lifted you up in prayer there, also. May God bless you.

02/24/18 10:20 AM #4568    


Rex Booth


Hang it there!  Hope you enjoy your Birthday wishes! 

02/24/18 10:29 AM #4569    


Rex Booth

Dandy Don,

Wishing you a great B-Day my friend!  Keep that music going to Kay!

02/24/18 10:38 AM #4570    


Kay Cook (Taylor)


May this be "the best birthday ever."   

Love you so much.  I am computer ignorant, and don't know how to send a beautiful card, that I wish I could.

So.....I am helping Charlene cut a piece of that beautiful cake she sent you.  Also sending the encouragement she sent....

FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!!!!   I know you are..

02/24/18 10:45 AM #4571    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

Happy Birthday Don.  

May you blow every candle on your cake out, and every wish you have comes true.

Now I'm laughing myself silly.  After I said that.... I realized how many candles we now have on our cake, and I had a mental picture of a cake lit up like a blow torch.  Anyway take a deep breath, and give it your best shot.

You know I'm being silly.  You are more special to me than you will ever know.  Many hard days that have come my way,  I would go to my email, and there would be a special song that could make me laugh, or just take me back to  the 'good times."  Thank you for always being faithful, and always there..

Love you bunches...


02/24/18 11:23 AM #4572    


Bill Leggett

KAY Do you mean like this?

02/24/18 11:43 AM #4573    


Kay Cook (Taylor)


Now I'm rolling on the floor.    How do you do it? nailed my vision.

Looking at that .....   you need to take a deeper breath Don than I first thought.

02/24/18 12:20 PM #4574    


Don Ervin

Kay thank you for the wonderful cake that Bill sent.  It reminded of scene from the movie Murphy's Romance.  When he was asked how many candles she should put on his birthday cake.  he said "Just set the damn thing on fire."

Rex, thanks buddy,

I always hope that when I send a song it will evoke some old memory.

02/24/18 01:01 PM #4575    


Mack Kizer

Happy Birthday Linda and Don,    Linda don't set your hair on fire on a blowtorch BD cake.  That picture Fred sent was scary but it's about how they look with 74 candles on them.  Old Coyotes are tough and fight forever!  Your friend MK

02/24/18 01:54 PM #4576    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Happy Birthday, Linda!  Wishing you peace and joy on your special day. Your classmates are all pulling for you!  Love and best wishes as you continue on your journey.  

Don, hope you enjoy celebrating your special day with family and friends!

02/24/18 02:32 PM #4577    


Fred Miller

Linda, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday today.  And I truly hope you have many more.  We are a class of fighters.....and we are all fighting and praying for you.


02/24/18 02:33 PM #4578    


Fred Miller


Happiest of Birthdays to you.  Do not let the heat from Bill's cake drive you back.


02/24/18 03:24 PM #4579    


Bill Leggett






02/24/18 03:25 PM #4580    


Bill Leggett

FOR LINDA Sending prayers to you


02/24/18 03:53 PM #4581    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

Wildman....  love your sense of humor,  your tender heart, and your love of the Lord.  Those were the things Kathryn always said she loved about you,

02/24/18 04:36 PM #4582    


Marilyn Hill (Gibb)

Happy birthday, Linda! Sending may good thoughts and wishes for a grand day your way!

02/24/18 09:21 PM #4583    


Harvey Purcella

Happy Birthday Linda. I was shocked when I read of your illness, but your strength is amazing. Our Bible study group and I will also be praying for you.

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