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05/21/19 12:45 PM #5549    


Rex Booth

Okie Dokie,  another stab at those 40 somethings...

3rd slide  - Roy Mckay

8th -  Harold Hobson & Jim Milstead

10th -  Linda Dumas?

12th -  He-e-e-e-e-e-r-r's Johnny!!  Mr. 'A ' Coach

16 -  Steve Wolfe

17 - Tommy Weathers  &  John Lackey?

18 -  Grant Crawford & Peaches

19 -  McKay

20 -  Charlotte, Ann Stockton, Bubbles Lankford, Claudia Phillips

22 -  Sally Port Pool


05/24/19 12:19 PM #5550    


John Landess


My photo looks pretty good also. But in real time, unlike someone whose name I withhold and whose full head of hair turned gray, ours just turned loose!crying

05/25/19 10:16 AM #5551    


Rex Booth

Well  El Juan,

Ah hate to be the one ta hafta tell ya... some are destined to be "Silver Foxes" and others 'Bald' Eagles.  I do like "Red" Foxes mo bettah than grays...

~ Alain Charnier (Fernando Rey)  wink



05/27/19 09:56 AM #5552    


John Doyal

A day to remember all our classmates that are gone and all of those who gave their lives to allow us to do so.

05/31/19 09:24 PM #5553    


John Landess

Well, up here in the Great Land, not too many foxes that are not camouflaged...the bald eagles view them as snacks!!!

Today, we actually had several hours of sunlight, between showers and the temp was up to 64!!! wow. Hope that this will be a good fish year, so I can "share" my catchescheeky

06/05/19 04:34 AM #5554    


Darrell Barnes

Growing up in Roswell; all my friends had a dad, uncle and perhaps a mom or aunt that served in WWII. My father served as well.

I recently read this: "the only way people are able to enslave others is because they had the guns and those being enslaved did not."

Now; I you recall History? What do you recall?? I am age 73 and I recall the history. An important history lesson is coming up tomorrow that happened 75 years ago.

That was when men and nations of good will sacrificed everything to rid the world of evil men who had enslaved those who lacked the means to protect themselves. That sacrifice for some in a family; the loss of a loved one.  My grandfather lost his son, a fighter pilot. Our dads, uncles lost friends and for most, the horrors of their service affected them for the remainder of their lives.

The common thread involved was that evil men had taken away the means for people of good will to prevent their enslavement. That common thread was confiscation of "weapons"!

Now mull this over! What do you see today?  History has repeated itself, just in my lifetime. And it continues, sadly; many to this day feel nothing is wrong with removing from the citizens of our Republic the means to prevent their enslavement!


06/05/19 11:03 AM #5555    


John Landess

Darrell,    AMEN !  I have proudly been an NRA member since 14 (junior) and am a gold benefactor lifer now.. Sadly enough, just read an article that most young folks today, don't even recognize names like MacArthur, Eisenhower, and others of that time. Much less events.

On another note: To all the June-ites, Happy Birthday (you know who you are)


06/05/19 06:13 PM #5556    


Bill Leggett

ROSWELL, 12 firefighters injured in explosion


An explosion south of Roswell at a fireworks storage facility injured 12 firefighters Wednesday.

The explosion happened at 12:15 p.m. west of the Roswell International Air Center. At a press conference after the explosion, Lance Bateman, captain with the New Mexico State Police, said two firefighters sustained serious injuries and were transported to hospitals outside the area. A later press release from the state police said the two firefighters had life threatening injuries and were airlifted to a trauma center.

Bateman said 10 other firefighters were treated on the scene for minor injuries. No one else was injured or present at the time of the explosion.


The firefighters injured had been at the building packaging fireworks for the city’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display when the explosion happened, Bateman said.

Roswell firefighters who responded to the explosion were on the scene one to two minutes after receiving the call, Bateman said. The fire was mostly contained within about 20 minutes, but Bateman said firefighters were still working to mop up a few hotspots.

The explosion initially prompted the shutdown of a runway on the northwest side of the airport so emergency personnel could reach the scene, but the runway was reopened by 2:30 p.m, Bateman said.

He added that he does not believe any additional air traffic was shut down. Old Y O Crossing Road behind the airport was initially closed to traffic following the explosion, but it was soon open again.

“We just ask people to kind of stay out of the area,” Bateman said.

Agencies that responded to the explosion include the New Mexico State Police, the Roswell Fire Department and Roswell Police Department. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is on scene assisting.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is also providing support. New Mexico fire marshals from Santa Fe were set to be there this afternoon and will likely take the lead as far as the fire investigation, Bateman said.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known and Bateman said that though the investigation is ongoing, it is not believed malice was involved.

06/07/19 12:22 PM #5557    


Rex Booth

“For Pie Lovers only”

Check out Pie Town, New Mexico....

Some humorous old timers living there say it’s a fact that “Pie Town is exactly 3.14 miles from the middle of nowhere." Pi (π) for the mathematical-minded ones out there.

They claim "you ain’t gone to heaven" unless you’ve eaten their popular “New Mexican Apple Pie”, which includes the state's famed green chile and is scented with piñon

Click below. Your mouth will be waterin' and be galdurn-glad you did!!


06/07/19 01:11 PM #5558    


John Landess


Reminds me of that hillbilly kid that went off to college. When he came home for a visit, a bunch of kin folks were questioning him about the big city and the school. One uncle asked him what he was learning. He told him all kinds of things, like French, Science and Mathematics.

The uncle then said, " whal, say somethin' in them mathermaticals, boy."

The young fellow looked at the uncle for a moment and then replied, "pi r square."

The uncle turned around to the parents and said, " Keep this here boy home, everbody knows cake are square, pie are round!"

(yes, it is an old one!!!!) frown

06/08/19 09:11 AM #5559    


John Allensworth

Yes, they really do exist, after we graduated from RHS I went to work for Ma Bell and was quickly sent to Hatch NM, and when we were next sent to Quemado NM, along the way going through Pie Town and Datil.  That was enough for me, I didn't stay long enough to get a slice of those famous pies.

06/08/19 01:03 PM #5560    


Rex Booth

Johhny ‘A’

So you told yer boss “Datil be the Day” and he thought you were talking Buddy Holly…


El Juan,  another 'oldie but goodie' slice of  'American' Pi ....

May 1957


06/09/19 02:03 PM #5561    


Mack Kizer

I've been to Pie Town and eaten pie several times in my wanderings.  I was never to impressed with the pies that much.  My Mom, Tommy's Mom and Sanford's   Mom All made much better pies.  The most impressive thing about the restaurant was a mounted buffalo head over the fireplace.  It looked like it had been there for a 100 years and had about 1" of soot on it.  I'd be suprised if it was still there.  We now have a shop in Ruidoso called Pietown.  They make fudge and homemade pies that are the real deal and are deliscious.  When we have our gathering I'll be glad to guide you there for a small fee of a piece  of pie.  MK

06/10/19 10:21 AM #5562    


John Allensworth

Sounds like a deal.

06/10/19 07:05 PM #5563    


Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Helen Happy Birthday!!  Hope you have had a great day!!

HUGS, Lynn

06/11/19 11:11 AM #5564    


Rex Booth

Mack,  thanks for the tip. 

On our next fishing trip to Grindstone Lake, we'll check out 'Pi' Town 616 Sudderth Drive in Rude Dosie. 



Doesn't that fudge look YUMMY!!


06/11/19 12:40 PM #5565    


John Landess

Rex, looks yummy, as long as they have peanut butter fudge...

BTW, it strikes me as odd, that as Mack lives there in Rude-dosie, he doesn't furnish the pies and fudge for "The Gathering" **. 

** still a great name for a grunge band or a spookie movie.

06/11/19 05:08 PM #5566    


Rex Booth

El Juan,

Mack did make Peach Ice Cream at our Class Gathering last August.  It was home-made style in his ice cream maker out on the rear deck.  Tommy Weathers reminded me to get some of Mack's ice cream before it ran out.  I walked out and looked down at the bottom the container.  All that was left was melted runny cream in the bottom.  But I hasta tell ya, warm peach cream ain't bad either! This year we just may do a reinactment of the "Omen"... that is, if you decide show up.  No excuses now. 


06/11/19 11:47 PM #5567    


John Landess


In regards to the message on the Home Page.

Does that mean we can't trust every one on the web??? And here I was just getting ready to order super discount printer ink from:

I figured he must be legit as he and numerous cousins send me email daily!!!surprise almost as much as Rex.............

Wish I could get some fudge at the big event, but sadly enough, I probably will still be taking salmon, halibut, and clams out of the smoke house then.

06/12/19 12:31 PM #5568    


Rex Booth

I agree with Paula and El Juan's concern about the RHS site being 'secure', I'm surprised the 'security certificates' have not been available for this site before now. Speaking of fishy stories,  one reason I send El Juan at least one email every two weeks is to distract him from playing with his 'puter 24/7.  He has these two 'puter games called "Phantasy Fishing Alaska Style" and "How to make Yer Fish Stories Mo Believable"...      wink

06/12/19 03:25 PM #5569    


Mack Kizer

John L. If you was a true blue ole coyoteee and worth Eskimo poop you would show up at our gathering with mucho salmon, halibit, and king crab legs.  The least you could would be to pack some up and overnight it to usat my house.  It would go wellwith my peach icecream.  The whole truth about the fresh peach iceream make a mastake on some    was I also put peach snopps in it.  I added a little extra and after a hour and a half it still wouldn't freeze.  It froze on the side of the container so we scraped it off and mixed it with the unfrozen in the middle of the container and it resembled a milkshake.  It was deliscious even it didn't  qualify as icecream.  I do occasionally make a mastake on some of my cooking.  I None the less I make a incrediableglaze for salmon with Jack Daniels, Brown Sugar and fresh squeezed orange.  It would also work on Hallibut.  Sernd us our fish!   We're all waiting for it>  It will be great with Fresh peach peachsnopps icecream!  MK

06/12/19 07:35 PM #5570    


Fred Miller

Johnny A.,

Class Creator touts their privacy and security on different web pages. The link below seems more like a sales tool. Scroll down to Security and Privacy.


Below is from another of their web pages. A lot more detailed description of their Security and Privacy policies. (Although their grammar is horrible. Obviously not an RHS graduate.)

My point here is, if what they are saying on their web pages is in fact true, they should be able to provide you with a security certificate very quickly.


How safe is our data?

We take data protection very seriously, and we are proud to be industry leaders in security. In order to ensure data sovereignty Class Creator uses Microsoft Azure servers locate in the USA and Australia. Microsoft has leveraged its decades-long experience building enterprise software and running some of the world’s largest online services to create a robust set of security technologies and practices. These help ensure that Azures infrastructure is resilient to attack, safeguards user access to the Azure environment, and helps keep customer data secure through encrypted communications as well as threat management and mitigation practices, including regular penetration testing. We would recommend looking into any cloud-based solutions you use to ensure they meet these requirements.

At Class Creator we take reasonable steps to protect all information from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification and disclosure. If you require more information about the privacy of our users please contact us or visit our privacy policy.

06/13/19 07:41 AM #5571    


Bill Leggett

Some City name in PA



06/15/19 11:58 AM #5572    


John Landess


Those names were from a more innocent time.. Just like when we were young, you could have a gay old time at a country club dance!! However, if you are interested, the Virginville Hotel is listed for sale! And most of those towns are near Hersey, which is a "sweet" place.laugh

Well, I have everything prepped for the good fishing in July, so I am off to the Big Island for 10 days.

ps Rex, envy is not nice! so shape up, just for the halibut!!! (a pun)

06/20/19 01:38 PM #5573    


Ray Marshall

Ted Beagles was a good guy. I remember dragging main a few times with him in his Ford Edsel. I was told awhile back that Ted had worked his way up in the (BMW?) organization and at his retirement was in charge of their US parts distribution dept. You done good Ted! RIP.

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