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03/28/20 10:15 AM #5917    


Mettie Cummins

Happy hunkering down to every body.  Please be strong & safe.  Use these times to get some projects done you have been putting off forever. Catch up with folks you want to check on  & care about by text or phone calls. Do some TV bing watching  & only watch a little bit of news each day because it is so depressing & will drive you crazy. My thoughts are with you all. God bless you. We will get thru this!!! I hope we still can meet in Ruidosa for “our gathering” & can check on each other personally when it is safe to “HUG” again. 


03/29/20 05:05 AM #5918    


Bill Leggett


03/29/20 09:09 AM #5919    


Diane Alley

Thanks for the good thoughts Mettie. I have been wishing for the same for each of us on our class. We haven't been around this long without meeting challenges. let's meet this one as well so we can have our gathering.

03/29/20 09:25 AM #5920    


Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Mettie, I am with you and Diane!  We will all get through this very tough and scary time and go to the Gathering and enjoy each other so much!!  We also have some plans to make about our 60th Reunion coming up!smiley  Everyone take care and I look forward to seeing you ALL there!!


03/29/20 04:11 PM #5921    


Ray Marshall

Johnny, great video clip of the beautiful ladies of RHS class of ’62! Just one question though, who were the cute cheeks----oops, sorry, I meant to say chicks hopping into the water at the very end of the clip? (For you’re own safety you may take the 5th). Well, we’re all hunkered down here in Houston. Me, my wife, 17 year old grandson and my sister in law who has been unable to get a flight back home to Venezuela for last 6 weeks and unknown future length (arghh!). It makes for some interesting human interaction between folks! But, life goes on. Stay safe.

03/30/20 08:33 AM #5922    


John Allensworth


First and foremost you and your family are safe, thats the kind of news we want to hear. Todd, our oldest is safe in Seattle with his family, and Scott and his family are safe in Denver.

As far as the two "cheeks" er.... I mean the two young ladies, showing off their diving skill,  there's not enough cover for me to disclose their identify.

Stay Safe

03/30/20 09:16 AM #5923    


Charline Lake

Bill Leggett, LOL!  How right you are.  Everyone hang in there.  Best all around.  Love, Charline

03/30/20 10:47 AM #5924    


Mettie Cummins

Hey Bill, think you are right about the /“1/2 & 1/2” bit .... which 1/2 r u gonna be in? Haha- I’ll have some of that Virus vodka & make a mean vodka gimlet— cheers !!!!

03/30/20 10:51 AM #5925    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

Hi everyone....

It has been so long since I have gotten here.  We are still helping raise Chad’s four kids.  At this ripe age we find ourselves with three teens, and an almost twelve year old that is ahead of her time in being a teen.  We have been in for five weeks now.  Spring break got extended.  Now we are in having to homeschool.  Johnny l could sure use you right now.  You all know I never found the “X”....not one you really want teaching.  Wildman  when I saw your post, I thought I can cook....I don’t drink, but considering the times, it might not be a bad idea.  I’m so glad you are all safe.  I know that this will pass.  God will calm this storm.  It’s been a storm of storms.  Can you imagine seven in a house, and two rolls of toilet paper?  That was huge.  I could hang with the no meat, eggs, milk, and other things...   thankfully we finally got the coveted toilet paper, and wouldn’t you know it... I had a friend in Waco that has failing eyesight, can not drive, is alone ...she had zero toilet paper.  Well I did what i had to.  I mailed her toilet paper.  Now in 75 years that was a really new experience.  It really makes you realize it’s not the big things in life that matter,  it’s the small things.  I cherish each of you, and the fun special memories we had together as we were climbing fool’s hill.  Gene is hanging in.  He has serious heart problems, but he is very strong.  We are having to protect him with this virus.  Chad is still working.  They have cancelled all non necessary surgeries, but he has to be at the hospital for emergent cases.  That is here in a nut shell.  Take care of yourselves.  You are never out of our thoughts and prayers.  I guess I could have written the Reader’s Digest version, and not War and Peace.  Well, I guess it wouldn’t have been me.  Love ya’all.

03/31/20 07:57 AM #5926    


John Allensworth

Hi Kay, so good to hear from you, we have missed you.  After reading your message it's easy to see how busy you are.  Four teenagers all at the same time, must be a special place for you and Gene.  Adding on what everyone is going through, and we all hope you and yours stay safe.

Stay in touch, 

Love ya,  Lynn and Johnny


03/31/20 08:43 AM #5927    


John Landess

My best wishes to all and an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the April Folks.(I wanted to get that out before the April Fool jokes start rolling in!) 

I trust all are following the"rules", staying in, and being safe. If anyone runs out of things to keep them occupied, just go the the page number counter on this forum, plug in 199 or whatever and relive and laugh over some of the old posts (a few which may make you mistyfrown)

Kay, in case you know of anyone else in need, I see on e-bay that you can buy TP in the $50 to $155.99 range!



03/31/20 12:07 PM #5928    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

Johnny it was good to hear from you.  You and Lynn stay safe.  This almost feels like a cheesey movie in the 50’s.   I think Roswell is a calmer place to be at this time.  You and Lynn stay safe.   John L. I can’t imagine  paying that much for toilet paper.  That must be the reason so many bought it all up.  Are you in Ak?  Be safe.

03/31/20 03:32 PM #5929    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Bill, I hear that! yeslaugh I am also going to come out about 10+++ Lbs Heavier too!!  So, a over wieght cook and alcoholic!! Oh just forget the cook part! I'll just eat my way throug cookies,candy, and pie!!wink

03/31/20 03:42 PM #5930    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Kay, so Good to hear from you!!

04/01/20 07:45 AM #5931    


John Landess

Kay, I found 10 rolls of TP on Amazon for $4.88............guaranteed 100% recycled!!! ( I am not sure I want to think about that??)cheeky

Also, I am not in Alaska, and not sure when I will be able to go up. The governor there has issued stay at home orders and also no movement between communities, except for medical needs, subsistance(?), and for essential workers. So for now, I am minding the home front here in Tennessee.

My son, the Alaska Doctor, says that they even have a case in Homer now and probably many more soon. Seems like some old guy was traveling and when he got back didn't feel too good, but decided to attend a big feed at the VFW anyway. Then later when more ill, friends came by and brought him food until he finally went in and "discovered" he had it. WOW

04/01/20 12:03 PM #5932    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

John I was going to post a few April Fools Jokes but I was afraid some might not be so funny in the state we are in with this Corona Vodka time!! HAHAHAH!! 


04/01/20 12:54 PM #5933    


Kay Cook (Taylor)

John... I always have heard  .....   early bird gets the worm.....  if you go very early, you have a great chance of getting the “coveted” items.  I have successfully covered our lack ..  well the store finally limiting one to a customer really helped.  That is so sad that man infected so many.  I guess no one ever thinks they are the ones with it.  My brother is in the Nashville area.  Be safe.

Sherry post the April fools jokes... it’s good to laugh.  If I couldn’t laugh I would be in the nut ward.  Ok that wasn’t an opening for everyone to say that would be long overdue.  Be safe everyone❤️

04/01/20 01:24 PM #5934    


John Landess

Kay, I think it just goes to show, lack of good sense is not limited to the young! Around here are several colleges, and they are beginning to find out how many went to spring break and have now infected their family and buddies...

My middle son and his wife moved to Nashville last year and are "hunkered down"for now. He works in Alaska on the North Slope and has been concerned about how he will get back up there. Then yesterday, the Anchorage paper reported that there was now case(s) in the work force on the slope... So???

Anyway, hope everyone is being careful and safe... and has TP!

My friend William Snakespear says, "TP or not TP, that could be a question!"

04/01/20 02:30 PM #5935    


Rex Booth

John Landess requested this be posted.  Disclaimer:  Rex is not responsible for any errors or omssions... wink



04/01/20 03:23 PM #5936    


John Landess

Mucho Garcias, Rex!

04/01/20 03:56 PM #5937    


Rex Booth

El Juan,  you got it!!  And  speak good Spanish for a Tenny-see country boyah...

04/01/20 04:26 PM #5938    


John Allensworth

Kay the nut ward claimed many of us a long time back and I'm pretty sure I 

was a member.

04/02/20 06:47 AM #5939    


John Doyal

Birthday wishes to my fellow April grads.   Simple things like birthday  parties aren't what you think of as something you would miss.  My great granddaughter had one planned for her on the 4th(to be 7).  Now that can't happen, so it really is the simple things you take for granted.  How many other similar things do we take for granted?  I got to watch a free Garth concerton tv last night that would have cost a lot under normal times, so we do have some consulations.  What besides TP are shortages in your areas?  Pinto beans and rice are out of stock here.

04/03/20 09:41 AM #5940    


John Landess

Johnny, Love the photo of the 36.. Godfather to my sister was a wing commander at Walker, and he once took me out on the flight line. I got to stand on top of one. He told me the wings sagged down about 6 feet when on the ground. He also said that when they got ready to takeoff on a mission (A Bomb), his flight engineer would inform him "all clear, 6 turning and 4 burning"!

John, as to shortages around here in Tennessee, I don't know. Being an old Alaskan, I have taken heat for years about my food pantry stock, but now other than fresh fruit, I am good.

Things to do??......Well guys, This would be a good time to start on all those projects you always told the wife you would do when you had time!

As for me, I am throwing a big quarantine party tonight!!! NO ONE IS INVITED!!!wink 

An extra happy birthday to my two fellow Shell retirees, Ray and Lee , both on the same day and both with Shell, must be Karma!

04/07/20 11:48 AM #5941    


Rex Booth

The B-36 flying into Walker Air Force Base brings back mixed memories during the 1940's.  In early 1943, My Dad was 1st Lieutenant at RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) before it was changed to WAFB in 1947. Dad flew both B-17 & B-24 bombers. AT RAAF he taught kids, age 18, still wet behind the ears to train for B-17's. These kids barely had 2 weeks seat time before being shipped out to either European or Pacific Theaters. His last mission was somewhere near the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.  He was reported MIA about six month before I was lucky enough to 'bail out' of my mother's womb... smiley 

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