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08/10/19 11:07 AM #5678    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

I figured that must be East.  It looks different now after about 60 years!  A few others who went there and haven’t been mentioned were Elaine Huntly, Mickey Gann, Jim Melson, Carol Wiegman, Steve Stevens, John Madden, Harriet Carter and I think Pat Sullins.  I’m sure there are many more, but I don’t have a Panther directory!  That year was a bit of a blur for me, so I don’t remember but one teacher....Mr. Smith for Algebra.  He was an older gentleman, and didn’t have very good control of our class.  I got into trouble for talking, and most of you know what a talker I was back then!  Once when he was helping a few students at his desk, several of us walked out the back door, down the street and back.  We didn’t get in trouble...he didn’t even notice we wete gone!...ha

08/10/19 12:09 PM #5679    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Yes, Saundra, I went to the 8th and 9th grades at East.  In my class were Karen Burton, Elaine Burton, Queda and Rita Watson, Danny Summers, Jim Melson, Kay Skipper, Sue Ann Carpenter, Connie Schuerman, Nelson Evans, Sue Burchfield along with all the other kids from the base. It was great getting to meet them!

08/10/19 01:52 PM #5680    


Mettie Cummins

Hope u had a very good Birthday, Roy!🎂🎂🎂you 2 look great in those bright a Hawaiian shirts. I like!!!

08/11/19 07:45 AM #5681    


John Allensworth

East Jr. High Chicken Race

Two of our better known guys, Billy Turley and Larry Jump, and the infamous "chicken race" both guys loaded up their cars at noon and drove east on Bland, then one went to one end of the north/south road and did their best to be James Dean.  Needless to say there was a collision and everyone was lucky there were no serious injuries.

A few more students: Andres Delgado, Virginia Delgado, Jr. Robles, Julian Linares, Al Zignbine, Steve Stevens, Clayton Brown, Gene Round, Eddy Jones and teachers: Mr. Rankin, Mr. Finley, Coach Lair, Southworth, & Staeden.

08/11/19 10:27 AM #5682    


Mack Kizer

In the 9th grade before Turley crashed his Merch, Billy, Jeep Lavender, Dan Cook Steve Stevens, Larry Don Shumate and a few others use to meet a few of us rebels at the Dairy Queen on the corner a block from South at lunch on Wed.  Turley's chicken race put a stop to that tradition.  Turley was one of the first to get a car and as best I can remember never had another one through highschool.  Guess his dad had the wisdom to put himon foot for a while.  Does anyone remember Larry Don Shumate?  The last memory I have of him he went to work on a ranch north of Roswell.  He may have been abducted by some aliens.  I know one thing they had to be fast to catch him.  That guy could really run.  mk

08/11/19 04:16 PM #5683    


John Doyal

Dan Cook Jack Hankins, and I were at east.  I still have my easr-ronaut which was our yearbook.Somebody put one of the coaches cars on top of the gymn.

08/11/19 08:28 PM #5684    


John Landess

Rex, thanks for raising my spirits........... just after Charline had made me feel like I was almost normal, considering, Mack zapped me. I didn't know that grizzlies lived only on the coast. My brother-in-law shot one a few years ago in Montana... anyway, looking  up info on the same, I found that the last documented grizzly killed in Northern Mexico was in 1976.. and coastal browns are that and inland browns are called grizzlies and are scattered in 6 or 8 states and provinces.... Now, please don't take this personally, but the real live Smokie was found in 1950 in the Capitan Fire, and he did live to 26, and is buried in Capitan. Our neighbor Marion Emery was one of the rangers that carried him out. Their boss then took him up to Santa Fe to recover. Living next to the Emeries was great fun as their large fenced yard was always full of animals (usually orphans), but I was always leery of the skunks and porcupines. His main claim to fame though was citing Jimmy Blakely (Sr.) who wrote a song about him and the "incident". First sung at Scottie's Club...

ps I was an East'er, as well as Johnny Perry, Kenny Lott, and George DeShurley. We helped George swap engines between two 1938? Dodges from his Grandfather, and he drove the runner to East.

08/12/19 08:39 AM #5685    


Patsy Skipper (Felber)

I went to East my 9th grade year!  There was Elaine Huntley, Carol Whitwam, Linda Hardage, Gwen Sterrett, Steve Stevens.   I can't remember for sure but I think Perrine Girard also went there!   

08/12/19 11:46 AM #5686    


Dan Cook

Yes, I was at East Jr. High for its first year.   I spent half of my 8thgrade at South Jr. High, coming form Melrose/Ft. Summer area.  Tommy Weathers was a big friend there!

Yes, Turley somehow managed to have a car during a big part of my time being at East and I was able to get a ride to school most of the time.  

East had very completive football, basketball and track/field teams our first year! Steve Stevens, Harl Rogers, Jim Milstead and I were the major basketball players!

I got my first spanking at East Jr. High!!!  I was pushed into the girl’s bathroom –really, by a group of guys walking down the hall!!   Mr. Hinman (?), assistant principal, did not believe my story and had me drop my pants, bend over his desk and he whacked me five times with this 3 ft pattle!  It did not really hurt much!  I’m not sure I learned anything from this event!!

08/12/19 01:36 PM #5687    


Rex Booth

El Juan,

Some additional trivia on the grizzly to add to yer bag. About 55,000 (wild) grizzly bears are located in North America. Most reside in Alaska. Some 1,500 grizzlies are left in the lower 48 US states. About 800 in Montana. Close to 600 in Wyoming in the Yellowstone-Teton area. In 1846 the grizzly bear became the symbol on the California state flag. Less than 75 years later in 1922 the last grizzly was shot in Tulare County.  It’s a  paradox the grizzly bear is still on the flag to represent California… even though there isn’t one single grizzly bear to be found anywhere in the state…




08/13/19 11:18 AM #5688    


John Landess

Rex, sad to think that these bears were once found all over North America and were basically exterminated. First for their fat/meat and later, out west, killed off for the bounty ranchers put on them. There are small populations of them in Idaho, and some in Washington.

They are dangerous, but are awesome to see. I once raced one (me in a pickup and him in the ditch) and at about 35mph he leaped out and crossed in front. You know what they say about outrunning a bear...frown

I would like to see the Kermode bears in BC. They are a genetic white variation of black bears. Also known as spirit bears.

08/13/19 04:53 PM #5689    


Robert Rollins

I want to let everyone know that my sweetheart left me today she is in a much better place tha we are. She was a member of the class of 1965 we were married 54 years we had 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

08/13/19 07:37 PM #5690    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)


So sorry for the loss of your beloved wife. Condolences to you and your family. Wishing you comfort and peace.

08/14/19 09:06 AM #5691    


Mack Kizer

Robert,  Sorry for your loss.  You are one of my longest time friends.  We started the 1st grade togather and you lived right down Sunset from me. only a couple of minutes on my Swinn and only acouple more down Sunset to Pat Aragons and Rocky Rockhold.  We all had a lot of fun back then.  Hope these memories put a smile on your face during these times.   Your old buddy,  Mack Kizer

08/14/19 09:10 AM #5692    


Mack Kizer

Rex,  Do you have a list of who are attending the gathering and a agenda.  You usually have this info on the message forum.  mk

08/14/19 10:58 AM #5693    


John Allensworth

Robert, Sorry for your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

08/14/19 11:29 AM #5694    


Bill Leggett

Robert, Sorry for your loss, my  thoughts and prayers are with you.

I know what it is for the loss of love one. I lost my wife also this last July 2019.

You have to take it one day at a time, remember the good time you both had. You also have to take of your self.


08/14/19 01:38 PM #5695    


Danny Cathey

Mack:  Turley did indeed have another car, a solid black '57 ford two-door.  We, and I cannot remember who all went that trip, took it Juarez and got the full rolled and pleat treatment in all black.  Coming back from that trip the generator failed along about Alamagordo at about 2 a.m. and we drove the rest of way to Roswell with the headlights off.  Just as we got to Roswell city limits the battery finally gave up and the car died but at least we made it home.  I can't imagine what the oncoming traffic thought when this black Ford with no light suddenly zipped past in the opposite lane but I bet wasn't anything good.  I don't remember what exactly became of it. 

I remember Larry Don well.  I asked Billy about him at one of the Gatherings and he said he had no idea what become of him.  He was indeed quite a character.

08/15/19 07:39 AM #5696    


Sanford Green

I was on the infamous Juarez "rolled & pleated" road trip in Turley's 57 Ford.  Trip home was scary without lights.  As I recall, we had to drive home that night to make it to class the next morning.  

08/15/19 09:42 AM #5697    


Rex Booth

Four years ago, Bill Turley came for the 2015 Gathering.  Bill & I went to the Chaves county office where St. Mary's Hospital (used to be) to deal with a property issue on a lot where his family formerly lived.  Well wouldn't ya know it, a black '57 Ford Fairlaine pulled into the County parking lot and drove right back out of the lot !  Bill's '57 Ford was the subject of conversation for the next two and half hours!  


Bill's '57 Ford Fairlane had the Gold V moulding on each side... was beauty like this one  



08/15/19 03:55 PM #5698    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Bill, Larry Don Hendricks did not attend East but Larry Don Shumate was a freshman with Dan Cook, Billy Turley and the ever-handsome Larry Powell. 

08/18/19 07:54 AM #5699    


Mettie Cummins

Missed having you join us in Ruidosa over the weekend.😩

08/18/19 07:55 AM #5700    


Mettie Cummins

That was for Pat

08/18/19 11:30 AM #5701    


Pat Sullins (Schear)

Thanks, Mettie.  Just not a good time for us to come but know you all had a blast!

08/20/19 12:06 PM #5702    


Mettie Cummins

Sorry it was bad timing - we would have loved to see you... our group is getting smaller & smaller

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