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04/01/19 09:23 AM #5480    


John Landess

First of all, Happy Birthday to all the Aprilists, and that's no april fooling!

Tommy, how do you prepare cougar? I have eaten some in Colorado many years ago, roasted over an oak fire. Early folks, like Jim Bridger, Louis and Clark, and many others said it was the best meat out west. Some claimed the next was mule, so figger!!!

John, I first remember playing 45s at George DeShurley's house. I couldn't afford a record player until my senior year in Alaska. I did "win" a Coke 45 player for Johnny Perry on the Coke show. We all had a list of everyone's numbers? and if we heard them call the name and knew someone wasn't home, we would call in and fake it!!


04/01/19 12:01 PM #5481    


Rex Booth

John Doyal,

Happy Birthday!  Hope you enjoy the 45’s your daughter gave you.

In the early 50’s, my folks still had the old ’78 player . Remember those large heavy shellac ’78 records that broke so easily? I believe 45 rpm records came out around 1949-50.  In 1956 my folks bought a brand new combo radio/record player console that played 78, 33, 45, 16.  It was a Silvertone ‘high-fidelity’ from Sears… sorry Tommy, we didn’t know Zink’s sold ‘em. My first 45’s were 75 cents at Ginsberg.  Later a buck during late ’59 early 60’s.  My first record was ‘Sixteen Tons’ by Tenny-See Ernie Ford (El Juan’s A-number One Hero).  Sixteen Tons became the most sung by guys at Edgewood during 1956... 'St Peter doncha call me....' Then of course ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ originally by Carl Perkins. Elvis did a later version. 

Seriously, are there are any fish at President’s Park…?  Johnny wants to know...


04/02/19 05:42 AM #5482    


John Doyal

Rex, tell John there are fish there because I have seen people catch them, but every time I go, they are on vacation.  I got my first record player by joining the columbia record club.  It had the adapyor for the 45's.  Before I moved to town I lived on a ranch at Caprock and we had no electricity.  My dad had a windup Victrola record player that played the 78's.  The needles wore out fast, but he found out that a mesquite thorn would fit and was good for about five plays, and they were very abundant.

04/02/19 01:51 PM #5483    


Rex Booth

John Doyal,

Yup uh huh.  Fish on a vacation.  Mine take a siesta both morning and afternoon.  Johnny seems to find a honey hole about 10 feet from my sinker and has no problem reelin' 'em in.  That's why he's Kingfish and I'm Amos. A windup Victrola '78 player is so cool.  Was it a portable or console? Hope you still have it.  Mesquite does have other uses especially for medicinal purposes.  Mesquite blooms fermented in a bathtub make some mighty potent Sangria.  Burns yer tummy... doncha know!  


04/02/19 02:55 PM #5484    


Mack Kizer

My   sister had a job at KGFL or KSWS up on North Washington.  This was in 55, through 57 when she was in high school.   Every Sat. She would go up and file all the new 45 records that came in.  They would get 3 copies of all the records that came in.  She got to keep a copy of any of them she wanted.  When she quit to go to college she must of had 500 or more 45's.  I inherited them along with a little record player.  I Got a .new stereo when I was about 17.  I sold that little record player to Jeanie Nelson that married Connie Mac Smith latter on for $25 along with most of those records.  There was all of Elvis's first records on the Sun Lable and a lot more treasures to be.  I remember Kay and her friends talking about Elvis when he started out dancing and shaking like a black singer. 'After Jeanie died I ask Connie Mac if  he still had all of those old records but Jeanie had sold all of them and the little record player for about half what I sold them to to her for.  MK

04/04/19 05:40 AM #5485    


John Doyal

Rex, the victrola was a large standup model.  When we moved to Roswell, my dad gave it to one of the other ranchers because we would be where there   was electricity and get a new record player that would play 33's also.  One of the things we brought was a Servel gas refrigerator that was still working when my dad died.  The others were kerosene lamps, of which I still have one.  The 45's that I bought while in high school were played so much, they wore out.  I still have all of my 33's which one of my kids cats thought were scratching posts, leaving the covers damaged, but the records still play fine.

04/04/19 05:22 PM #5486    


Rex Booth

John D

Yes those gas refers worked very well, still do in some remote areas.  Several years ago I supplied propane gas for ranchers and farmers homes near Paso Robles on the west coast.  Propane for heaters, stoves, and refers were the norm.  If someone ran out of fuel I'd re-light the pilot lights for all.  Many would ask what that awful smell was when their propane or butane tank ran low. Ethyl mercaptan is added to the gas. It is a safety requirement in the event of a propane or butane leak. Some say it smells like rotten cabbage or sulfer.  Sure got our customer's attention and helped to locate small leaks quickly.  In some cases it made Pepe Le Pew run for the hills...


04/08/19 07:38 AM #5487    


John Landess

John D. I never had too many 45's, other than Brenda Lee, which I played on my '56 Chevy's 12v record player (miss the bumps!). But I still have most of my albums. including the first that I got when I bought my first record player. 'Joey Dee at the Starlight Lounge' super twisting music!! In Alaska, we used porcupine quills for needles, ha.

Tommy, still no Catamont recipes????

Rex, when we first bought the farm in Hawaii, we converted a packing building into a small 2 bedroom house. We ran a generator for a couple of hours during the day to run the washer, and charge a couple of marine batteries for nighttime lighting. All of our appliances were propane, frig, stove and instant demand hot water. It all worked super and was pretty inexpensive to operate. 

Several years ago, the gas folks in Kenai Alaska dropped and broke the valve off a container of mercaptan at a metering station. For months, people could hardly stand driving down that road, and you can still smell it now after a rain.



04/09/19 02:00 PM #5488    


Rex Booth

Regarding the 1960's Video Post by Johnny A

I always loved to see #14 Bob Cousy spin around those defenders and burn the net off the hoop!! 

1960  Eagles 17  Packers 14.  There's always next year... Bart!


El Juan,

Don't wanna rain on yer parade, but 'Gentleman Jim' was listening to Brenda's singing in person...  He was the man who sang "Young Love" which became Numero Uno in 1957.  Brenda was 15 when she sang "I'm Sorry"


04/10/19 05:31 AM #5489    


Don Ervin

Rex I'm guessing when you say Gentleman Jim that you are talking about Jim Reeves.  He didn't sing Young Love that was Sonny James.

04/10/19 10:11 AM #5490    


Dan Cook

Rex - Ha!  We finally have something in common! 

Bob Cousy was one of my first heros - first saw the behind-the-back dribble and passes from him!!                           

I actually tried the behind-the-back pass several times in my senior year of RHS basketball - all to to Olando Gomez, who was very good at making the basket!!  Coach was not so happy - but certainly this won at least one game!! 



04/10/19 11:58 AM #5491    


Rex Booth

Dandy Don

Right on!  Sonny James was called the "Southern Gentleman" for his congenial manner.  Sonny indeed was the one who sang "Young Love".   CHICKS still dig it !


Notice one of Sonnys backup singers is Conway Twitty



04/10/19 12:17 PM #5492    


Rex Booth

Dan C

Cousy at point guard, for some reason, looked shorter than other players. In fact Cousy was 6' 1"  but standing next to his teamate center Bill Russell at 6' 10" was a revelation.  Now, is it true Magic Johnson resigned as President of the Lakers so he can come out of retirement to assist LeBron James...?  ha


Bob Cousy (left), Bill Russell (center) and Tom Heinsohn (right), all teammates on the Boston Celtics, pose after the 1963 NBA All-Star Game. Russell won the game's MVP award.




04/10/19 03:03 PM #5493    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)


That song brings back some good memories. When I was in the 7th grade, I had a slumber party at my house.  We stayed up all night, and played “”Young Love,” and the flip side of the 45, “Red Sails in the Sunset” over and over throughout the night..  It’s a wonder we didn’t wear out the record!  Fun times!

04/11/19 08:31 AM #5494    


Dan Cook

Rex, I was a serious Celtics' fan for I guess ever since high school days, when they were so domiment! 

Then, moved to CA and became a very serious Laker fan (KOBE!!).  Lakers not doing so well for the past several years, but my backup team is the Worriorrs, so still may win!!

Was hopng LeBron would take over, but not yet!!

04/11/19 08:55 AM #5495    


Rex Booth


Here's one from another 'Southern Gentleman' ...  





04/11/19 09:19 AM #5496    


John Landess

Rex.... Have you ever thought of applying for the DJ job at the RSC dances??

04/11/19 09:36 AM #5497    


Rex Booth


In the middle 60's  Billy Turley, Harry Atkinson, Bob Gilmore, and Moi lived in L.A.  We went to the L.A. 'Forum' regulary to see "Mr. Clutch" Jerry West perform his magic. Turley & I swore we saw # 25 come out and relieve West for a few minutes... One could get front row seats for only a few coins back in the day.  I moved to San Diego and would drive up to LA to see the Lakers play.  Then took a better opportunity with a company in Santa Cruz, Ca in the late 60's.  It was only an hour drive to watch the SF Warriors play.  This was before they moved to Oakland and became the Golden State Warriors.  I do enjoy watching Curry do the behind-the-back passes (when he doesn't turn the ball over).  I understand Saundra Bennett may have been instrumental in K.D.'s decision to move from OKC Thunder to the GC Warriors.... At any rate, the playoffs are shaping up and look forward to  Warriors playing the Bucks for the Championship.  We'll see.  Go Warriors!!



04/11/19 09:48 AM #5498    


Rex Booth

Could this be No-Nookie of the North doing his long-distance 'moose call' from Ah'll-ask-her...?  


You can call me BJ the DJ... but you don't hasta call me Johnson.


04/11/19 11:52 AM #5499    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)


Rex, thank you for the beautiful song by Sonny it!  

In regard to K.D., I was sorry to see him leave the Thunder.  He is not only a good basketball player, but a genuinely nice guy, who did a lot for our community.  That being said, I was pleased he chose the Warriors, because he deserved to be a part of a championship team!  Not all Oklahoman’s agree with me, and many booed him when he came back with the Warriors to play the Thunder. Shame on them!  Sadly, the Thunder has been struggling since he left.  They did beat the Bucks yesterday!  So, there is hope...someday, maybe?...

04/12/19 11:59 AM #5500    


Rex Booth


You bet!  Kevin Durant is one great player whose efforts are enhanced by assists from Curry and Klay Thompson.  Okie Dokie, I figah whut 'th OKC Thundah needs is... Wild Bill and Annee Okee to be on the Thundah team.  If'n they can't  shoot baskets worth a hoot they sure as heck could teach the score keeper 'how to dance' with their shootin' irons a-blazin' !!



Happy Birthday.  Have a good one!



04/13/19 01:44 PM #5501    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)


Now, wouldn’t that shake things up a bit!  It might be worth a try.  Move ovah Westbrook, here we come!  Thundah Up!!!  🤪

04/16/19 06:52 PM #5502    


John Allensworth

Picture sent in by Alicia Marshall, this is her class from Edgewood Elementary.  Do you recognize anyone, perhaps yourself?  Let Alicia know.  

 bottom row - 1st young lady Looks like Claudia Phillips

2nd row - 4th young lady looks like Sharon Chewning

Those are my picks!

04/17/19 04:39 PM #5503    


Rex Booth

Alicia M & Johnny A,

This picture was taken in the 3rd Grade at Washington Avenue.  Miss Tegler was our teacher. 1st row: left to right Claudia Phillips & Linda Dumas extreme right.  2nd row: Sharon Chewning  4th at right.  I have the picture of our 3rd grade boys and girls combined.  I was in this class that year.  Gee Johnny, one would think you'd spotted Linda D. right away!!  ha

04/18/19 10:18 AM #5504    

Alicia Marshall

Rex, thanks for the clarification.  I am on the left, second row, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans.....not my best look.  I think I also have one of the entire class...boys included.  


Alicia Marshall

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