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06/15/20 01:03 PM #5988    


Charline Lake

I just wanted to say, and not for the first time, that we were extremely lucky to have the public school education we were given in Roswell.  What riches, really, and great opportunities.  And the teachers I remember were sharp as tacks.  We might as well have gone to private schools back East in terms of the excellence of our schools, or maybe Roswell public education was even better.  The richness in offerings was a function of that period in history, too.  We were lucky.

06/15/20 01:32 PM #5989    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Charline, You are so right!! We were very lucky. Being in a small country town out in the middle of nowhere was wonderful. It was a real awakening when I got out into the other world! 

Also I could have sworn that was you Karla! Both great looking young ladies!!

06/16/20 06:32 PM #5990    


Tommy Weathers

The lady some thought was Karla White looks like Jettie McCombs.

06/19/20 12:48 PM #5991    


Bill Leggett

All I remember is her first started with "C"


thanks everyone

06/20/20 06:57 PM #5992    


Rex Booth

Greer's Drive In

The sign out front promised everything from a 10 cent cherry vanilla coke to 25 cent cheeseburgers... and more!

Check out that convertable peeling out from the parking lot!  Could it be a '54 Ford? Most of the cars look early to middle 1950's.  I loved all those trees on the east side lined up, going south on Main street.  Then along came the Roswell Inn, since demolished, Buhgah King, and Hastings (now defucnt)  But wait... Harbor Freight took over the building... selling inexpensive (cheap) Chineese stuff to the unwary buyer... This not an opine, but an observation...  

Johnny, we do love those old pictures! Keep them cards and letters coming right on in!  Appreciate your efforts!!



06/22/20 02:07 PM #5993    


Charline Lake

Wanda Campbell, the photo you posted of you, your daughter, and your granddaughter is beautiful, and by the way, you have hardly changed since your high school photo!  XO

06/22/20 08:19 PM #5994    


Wanda Campbell (Bertone)

Thanks Charline realy enjoyd my years at RHS.

06/23/20 01:15 PM #5995    


John Landess

Well, I am in Alaska and out of quarantine, so maybe I can send out a few emails... 44 degrees here this am and the skeeters are out in force this year!!

I am sure that I neglected to wish all the June-ites a happy birthday, so I will now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I too, enjoy all the old photos of Roswell. Looking back, how good life was then, and so uncomplicated. 

06/23/20 08:08 PM #5996    

Harvey Purcella

Greer's The picture was long before we hung out there. After going to youtube my guess on the cars are the convertible is a 1953 Pontiac, chrome stripes center of trunk and tail light location, the dark colored car is a 1952, 53, 54 Ford, the other one on main I can't tell. The one on 19th. St. is a 1950, 51 Chevy Delivery Wagon.  

Lots of fun memories of Greer's, but one Christmas night I happened to drive by and it was totally dark except one small light inside, I thought what a lonely looking place.

06/27/20 06:00 AM #5997    


Paula Carl (Cowee-Miller)

Warm cashews at Woolworth's!  What a treat that was for me. Otherwise it was a great place to buy beautiful material, and oh those wonderful assortments of little things that girls loved. I think I also purchased my first tube of mascara at Woolworth's. Unfortunately I discovered that I was allergic to it and ended up with red, swollen eyes; I was so disappointed. Great memories!  Thanks, John. 

06/27/20 10:20 AM #5998    


Pat Sullins (Schear)


06/27/20 11:12 AM #5999    


Tamara Camper (Sullins)

Thank you, precious sister-in-law! Think I'll just keep this sweetheart of a guy! Tell me, where did the years go??!

06/27/20 10:45 PM #6000    


Bill Leggett

A LOOK AT THE PASS WHO IS IT Ckeaning up my Photo collestions  1st photo 1963

06/28/20 09:20 AM #6001    


Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Tamara and Roger, a SPECIAL HAPPY ANNIVERSAY ~ even if it is one day late!!  I hope you had a wonderful day and I wish you many more!  Tamara I miss seeing you!

Love you both, Lynn

06/28/20 09:27 AM #6002    


Don Ervin

Top picture left to Right :

Don White, Jim Childs, Tommy Allen and Harry Atkinson.



06/29/20 04:39 PM #6003    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

I am so sorry to have to report that our Classmate and Friend Jenny Totty Arrington passed away last night 6-28-2020. Her sister and niece live across the street from my son here in Albuquerque. I had told Jenny about this site the first of April after I had found and joined it the end of March. She said she was going to join. A few days later she had a stroke. She and her husband Richard live in Safford, Arizona. I am wishing Richard, their Children and her Family Peace and Healing. It is a hard time and may God be with and Bless all of them.

Sherry L. Hester Trasp

06/29/20 07:13 PM #6004    


Charline Lake

So sad, Sherry.  Thanks for letting us know.

06/30/20 11:18 AM #6005    


Bill Leggett


Which is sad, some you remember, others only in passing.

You look at the IN-MEMORY SECTION, the sad part is that there are no information (Obit) about them. Just a date & Photo. Others Names listed under DATE UN-KNOWN, which is sad.

It the same way on the 1963 web site. Also, on other sites.

After the passing of my wife last July, I got back in to updating the family tree. There are several sites that you can find information on. One is the Mormon site. Others I have used also. Have found information on several classmates a lot of times it only a date.

06/30/20 02:03 PM #6006    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Bill Leggett, You are so right! As you probably read, I had just found this site and told Jenny and she had the stroke and was never able to up date her picture and story! It is so sad! We all have a story HUH!! I really enjoy hearing/reading the stories and as you said there are those I never really knew, some I knew in passing then others I chummed around with!! My brother is really into our family history and finding out a lot of good and fun info!

06/30/20 02:08 PM #6007    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Bill, By the way, the young man sitting in the chair with the beard and his head tossed back. Could that be Charles Packinham (SP)?


07/01/20 10:05 AM #6008    


Robert Rollins

Sherry which brother Mike or ricky

07/02/20 01:33 AM #6009    


Bill Leggett

ROBERT, I will let you in on trick I pulled , That is me, I grew the bread for the Play CAROUSEL. If you scroll down some you will see where I posted information Steve Wolfe was in the play pules others 


07/02/20 09:39 AM #6010    


Robert Rollins

Bill what I was trying to ask Sherry was which of her brothers was into genealogy Mike or Ricky. Sherry and I grew up next door to each other for a while then I moved but her brother Mike and I were friends. I have some really goid pictures of her when she was about 6 and up

07/03/20 12:53 PM #6011    


John Landess

Happy Birthday to all the Julyoids!!

Sposed to be up to 75 this 4th here, but winter is already on it way...losing daylight each day. Down to 19 hours and some minutes now. Sunset at 11:40 pm....

Still waiting on the in the Great Land??

07/03/20 09:35 PM #6012    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

What a great tribute of Jenny Totty Arrington!! Thanks for whoever posted it!  Bless her Family! She was a wonderful person! 


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