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04/15/22 07:32 AM #6667    


John Doyal

Happy Easter to all, hope the bunny don't leave too many rotten eggs.  I quit hiding real eggs when it took too many to have enough to hide.  Once I started hiding plastic ones(yard is 2 city lots) at least 2 wind up not being found.  The wind will usually blow them out later.  Took one til the day before Easter to come out  3 years ago.

04/20/22 10:38 AM #6668    


Rex Booth


Was looking at pictures of old custom cars.... ran across this!



'Chopped'  1940 Mercury

Image result for 1940 mercury chopped coupe for sale | Custom motors, Dream  cars, Custom cars


Alan Jackson did a song... where he sang:

"I'm going to buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road" !!!  



04/20/22 05:10 PM #6669    


Fred Miller

For over 20+ years, on a backroad going into Sherman, I have seen a mid 30's Ford coupe parked under a carport next to a house.  Solid black and covered in dust. For some time, I thought of stopping and asking if possibly it was for sale.

I would have done a ground up refurbish and turned it into a copy of the Eliminator, pictured below.  But my body is no longer up to the task.

Who did the Eliminator belong to?


04/21/22 10:03 AM #6670    


Rex Booth

Ah Yes!  Sure brings back some good memories of the '80's! Who could ever forget that Red '33 Ford!  Customized and owned by ZZ Top's  'frontman' Billy Gibbons! 

Fred thanks for contributing the picture of this red hot ZZ '33 Ford!! You could always make an offer on that black 30's Ford... give it to your grand kids to cherry out!



This was the cover for ZZ Top's  Album "Eliminator" which featured the song "Gimme All Your Lovin' "... Warning!!  the "R-rated" music video is below:



04/21/22 04:07 PM #6671    


Charline Lake

Hello, my friends.  My daughter died last year, unexpectedly, of heart disease, on April 2 of 2021.  We are celebrating her life in Boston on Saturday 4/23 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time with a brief musical program at Emmanuel Church, Boston.  The livestream is live already!  Check it out.  It will be lovely.  Love to all of you, Charline  heart

04/21/22 04:10 PM #6672    


Charline Lake

04/22/22 06:53 PM #6673    


Ray Marshall

Hi Charline. She’s a beautiful young lady. Her picture in your 4/17 FB post has a strong resemblance to you. Your RHS class of ’62 friends are with you tomorrow in spirit. All the best.

04/23/22 05:01 AM #6674    


Charline Lake

Thank you so much, Ray.  Love to you all, my dear old friends.  heart

Here's a link to the livestream of the celebration of my daughter's life today at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time if you but want to tune in. It's a short musical program. Wish you could all be there for the reception, which will be like a wake, I think. There's even alcohol, LOL. Tears, laughter, reminiscences, food, drink. But the streamed program will be lovely. ❤️
(Rex, IT master, how do I make the link live? Thank you! XO)

04/23/22 09:29 AM #6675    


Rex Booth


For a test run... open another "Post Message" 

1. Locate the 'middle' tool bar. Look all the way to the right. There is an icon which looks similar to a horizontal paper clip.

2. Hover the mouse over this 'icon' for a few seconds and the word 'Link' will appear

3. Click the 'link' icon

4. Copy and paste desired link into the URL box. Click Ok

5. The link will show 'light' blue on the response page

6. Click 'Submit' and notice the 'blue' highlighted link now appears on the forum page

7. Hover the mouse over the link. The pointer changes to a hand with pointed finger

8. You are good to 'Go' and collect 200! (Disclaimer: Only if playing Monopoly...)


04/25/22 04:46 PM #6676    


Charline Lake

Thanks, Rex.  I'm sure you showed me this before.  So sorry.  XOXOXOXOXO

04/25/22 04:49 PM #6677    


Charline Lake

OK, folks, thanks to IT master Rex, here's a live link to the recording of the 4/23 service to celebrate my daughter's life.    heart

05/04/22 10:59 AM #6678    


Bill Leggett

05/04/22 02:27 PM #6679    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

WOW Bill L.,  Thank You For Sharing this! How amazing!!

05/05/22 08:41 AM #6680    


Paula Carl (Cowee-Miller)

That's a great story, Bill!

05/08/22 02:31 PM #6681    


Rex Booth


Dolls, Ladies, and Girls! 

Hope all of you enjoyed your special day!!


05/09/22 07:24 AM #6682    


Charline Lake

If you'd like a printed program from the celebration of my daughter's life April 23, e-mail me your postal address, and I'll be more than glad to mail you one.  I have lots and lots of them, LOL! heart Love to all.

PS  There are photos and anecdotes.  XO

05/11/22 10:59 AM #6683    


Rex Booth

I belive it was Fred who mentioned he really got into "The Ventures"... also a fav of mine. It is interesting how the first artist that came out with a song or instrumental left a lasting impression and became our favorite! Then again other artists give their version which may not measure up to the original artist, but various versions do have their unique qualities. I ran across this rock group that hailed out of South Africa in the 1960’s called "The Raiders".  

“The Raiders” in the 1960’s were probably the most successful band from Durban, South Africa in terms of record sales.They were essentially a dance band, but unique in the sense that the group did not include a saxophonist. The group rose to prominence with their first LP called “Guitars A Go Go" - "The Raiders Go Latin” which proved an immediate success! They continued to perform mainly in the Durban area and went on to record many more albums, most of which are still available as CDs. 


 “Perfidia” by "The Raiders"   Click the link


05/11/22 07:06 PM #6684    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Rex,  I really like the instrumental you posted by the Raiders!  Thank you for sharing!  It was relaxing to listen to!  You are quite the Music Man!  They do have a sound similar to the Ventures.


05/12/22 01:15 PM #6685    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Rex thanks, I agree with Saundra!


05/15/22 07:01 PM #6686    


Rex Booth

Does anyone remember Dick Dale of the Del Tones?

05/16/22 08:23 AM #6687    


Fred Miller

Most don't know that Dick Dale played a right handed guitar left handed, that he played it upside down.

I liked most of his music, but some of it I referred to as "nervous" music. Case in point is "Nitro" below...

05/16/22 02:15 PM #6688    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

To be honest, and if there was voting, I prefer 

The Raiders "Perfida" to Dick Dale's "Nitro". I agree Nitro is nervous music! 
Now when I was a lot younger that might have been a different story!wink

05/17/22 11:46 AM #6689    


Rex Booth

You are right!  Dick Dale did have an "unorthodox method" stringing and playing his Fender Strat guitar!  

Dale, was born Richard Anthony Monsour in 1937, and changed the sound of rock and roll in the early 1960's when he and Leo Fender upped the 'reverb' on his guitar amplifiers and applied the Arabic scales of his father's native Lebanon. Dale, born and raised in Massachusetts.  Dale found his groove when his family moved to Orange County, California in 1954 . Where he took up surfing.

His high-energy interpretation of an old song from Asia Minor "Misirlou" (An Egyptian Girl), became the most famous song of surf rock: He had learned the tune from his Lebanese uncles, who played it on the oud. Young kids would stand at the bottom the stage picking up guitar picks that Dick Dale had totally shred to pieces! Bragging rights...

I found this oldie of Dick Dale (age 26) with the Del Tones (The King of Surf Music)


"Misirlou"    (Put on Full Screen - lower right)


05/20/22 01:23 PM #6690    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

I'm loving all these old instrumentals!  Thanks Fred and Rex!  You can tell Misirlou is from the early 60's because they are doing the twist!

05/20/22 03:41 PM #6691    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Me too Saundra, I will never for get when the Twist became popular, at North junior High they had dancing at noon I couldn't get anyone to dance so I was showing a group how to Twist. I am sure I made a fool of myself but I loved it and still do!! devilwinkheart

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