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08/29/22 10:50 AM #6827    


Patrick Riley

Ponies are good but monkeys are better! This is me at age 23 months at the Brakenridge Park Zoo in San Antonio Texas (shorts don't fit anymore):

08/30/22 09:08 AM #6828    


Rex Booth

Pat,  Great picture! The photographer should get an award!!

Is it possible... you might have been shaking hands with Charlie Darwin's uncle's nephew's brother's cousin...?  wink

08/30/22 09:17 AM #6829    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

I had my picture taken on a pony when I was 3.  I cried when I had to get off.  The pic is packed away with some of my mom's things.  I do have another horse story, though.  When we were visiting relatives in Colorado on their ranch, my uncle let me sit on one of his horses (a HUGE one).  He helped me get off and on a number of times!  As soon as he put me up, I was ready to get off.  This went on for some time.  I was wanting down.  My uncle was growing tired of this game, and said.  "Well then jump"......and I did!  He didn't dream that I would actually do it!  I was just 3.  It's amazing I didn't hurt myself!

08/30/22 01:17 PM #6830    


Patrick Riley

Rex, I hadn't thought about it but the interesting thing about my zoo photo is it's of an organ grinder and his monkey. In my dim past, I remember references to organ grinders and monkeys but (until I saw this photo) never thought they existed. Apparently, they did. I'm further assuming seeing an organ grinder and a monkey today would be really rare.

Does anyone else have an organ grinder/monkey memory?

Any advice for today's youth on this as a career path?

08/30/22 01:44 PM #6831    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

Pat, I don't remember seeing an organ grinder and monkey, but I do have a monkey story!  My dad was always bringing home different animals!  We had carrier pigeons, monkeys, and a goat at one point.  He brought home 2 monkeys.  We had  to keep them in cages because they were mean!  I got a little too close to the cage one Easter motning, and one of them grabbed my skirt, yanked it and tore it!  I don't think we had those monkeys for long.  They weren't very family friendly!

08/30/22 03:27 PM #6832    


Patrick Riley

Sandra, the only thing worse than a monkey in a cage is a monkey running loose (they don't house train easily).

Advice to all ... if you ever wished for your own monkey, be careful; you might get what you wished for!

08/30/22 05:51 PM #6833    


Rex Booth

Sad News..

Tommy Weathers said Jerry Hickman had just passed away. If you recall, Jerry graduated with the RHS Class of 1961. Jerry played football and ran track all three years. You may go to "In Memory" and click on Jerry Hickman to post your comments. Condolences to Jerry's family and friends.  

08/31/22 09:08 AM #6834    


Rex Booth

RHS Reunion (Cahoon Park Walk)

Several enjoyed the Cahoon Park Walk during our last 55th Class Reunion! How many of you would like to participate in the “Cahoon Park Walk” during our “60th Class  Reunion”!!

The plan. Meet at Cahoon Park just across from the old swimming pool on Saturday September 17 at 9 am. From there the walk meanders through the park over an arched bridge, past new tennis courts, and alongside large spraying fountains in the Spring River Golf Course. Breathe in the nature and fresh air!

Those who wish to participate in the “Park Walk” may contact Mettie Cummins for details. You may reach Mettie by going to:   On the “Home Page” choose “Contact Us” (left column)

Don’t forget to bring your “Walking’ shoes”!!  wink


09/19/22 08:56 AM #6835    


John Landess

Well, I have refrained from posting my 'pithy' messages for quite awhile, but time for a non pithy-one!!

The 60th class reunion was truly great. It was two fun filled evenings (and days) for all that could attend. Those that were unable to make it missed a festive event opening with the secret drive to the Roswell Country Club!! Those that found the shortcut through the trailer park get extra points.

It was a good time seeing old friends and remembering many past escapades, sharing life stories, and other events in our lives since the last reunion and since 1962.

The last evening was super with a 'short' message from the Mayor of Roswell. dancing girls, and a good meal of New Mexican food.

Many thanks should be heaped on Lynn and Rex for setting all this into motion.. (also a good time to urge plans for a 62nd?)laugh


09/19/22 01:48 PM #6836    


Rex Booth







"60th" RHS 1962 Class Reunion

1st row:  Pat Trish Hundley (Lappin), Mike Ingram, Claudia Phillips (Waide), Pat Sullins (Carpenter), Lynn Snipes (Allensworth), Patsy Skipper (Felber), Bubbles Lankford (Carlson), Tamara Camper (Sullins)

2nd row:  Kay Schrimsher (Shields), Mettie Cummins, Dolores Montano, Linda Lepard (Weathers), Sherry Faust (Haltom), Sherry Hester (Trasp), Charlotte McKay, Sara Moore (Livingston)

3rd row:  Orlando Gomez,  Andy Robles, Kay Price (Pickett), Glyna Daniel (Koelbl), Cathy McClain (Roe), Diane Bartimus (Stearley), Marilyn Hill (Gibb), Mary McQuirk (Reeves),      Roy McKay, Johnny Wingfield),  Don Wolf, Cathy Cannon

4th row:  Rex Booth, Kent Allen, Harvey Purcella, David Carpenter, Saundra Bennett (Whiteside), Mack Ratliff, Alice Isaacs (Ratliff), Bud Curtis, Tommy Weathers, John Landess, Bruce Bradley,    Ed Ely,  E.K. Cannon,  Harold Hobson


09/19/22 06:36 PM #6837    


Fred Miller

Looks like a nice crowd showed up.  Sorry I missed out on the gathering.  I am guessing I missed a fun time.  Looking forward to pictures, pictures, and more pictures...

09/19/22 06:41 PM #6838    


Saundra Bennett (Whiteside)

The 60th reunion was a huge success!  I want to thank both Lynn and Rex for putting it together.  The memory tribute and tapper girls were great, and Don Wolf was a good MC. The Mexican Food tasted great, also!  It was wonderful getting to see and visit with our classmates!  Some I had not seen since graduation!  I enjoyed both nights immensely!  I think we are lucky to have had these get-togethers over the years.  

09/21/22 11:25 AM #6839    


Rex Booth


Thankyou for your kind words regarding our 60th Class Reunion!  Both Lynn and I are pleased how well the reunion went!  Our reunion was super great because of the wonderful enthusiam shown by all our classmates! 

More pictures to follow once I figure out how to make this #@* software behave...! wink

09/21/22 02:44 PM #6840    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

I want to Ditto all the wonderful comments!! We sure missed those, "You know who you are!", that did not make it to the festivities! 

09/21/22 06:51 PM #6841    


Rex Booth


Pictures taken during the Reunion by other Classmates!


1.  Go to "Home Page" (left column) 

2.  Click on  "60th Reunion Pictures" (*by Classmates)

3.  Click on the first small picture to enlarge

4.  Click right arrow on that picture to go to the next picture



Any Classmates who wish to post additional pictures... You may Click "Contact Us" and I will respond.  ~ Thanks!



09/22/22 07:10 AM #6842    


Charline Lake

So sorry to miss the reunion!  I love the photos.  XO

09/22/22 09:52 AM #6843    


Rex Booth


Unfortunately, the 60th Reunion Picture posted on the 'Message Forum is not very clear. This is due to the limit on picture size... an archaic design of the website software. 

I do have a solution! I have the 60th Reunion Picture in digital format (.jpeg) It is larger and much more clear than the one on the message forum.  If you are interested, I can email you the (digital) reunion picture so you can zoom-in on faces in your computer's viewer. You can also send it to Walgreens or other to print an 8x10 picture!

You may contact me on the Home page "Contact Us" for this digital picture!



09/22/22 02:12 PM #6844    


Paula Carl (Cowee Miller)

I would love to have the higher resolution picture. I printed out the other one in a 4x6 size but it's still very unclear. My email is : 
I love all the pictures and hate that I could not join everyone but hopefully I'll get to come another time. 

09/23/22 11:11 AM #6845    


Patrick Riley

Rex sent me hi-res photo ... definately much better.

Thanks Rex!

09/23/22 11:32 AM #6846    


Rex Booth


Pat  &  Paula,

Glad the increase in picture pixels worked well for you!  If Peter Piper picked a peck of picture pixels... how many pixels did Peter Piper pick... hmmm?

09/24/22 10:08 AM #6847    


Mettie Cummins

I would like to contribute my many thanks to Lynn and Rex for putting together our 60th class reunion. It was most certainly a success and I feel that everyone who attended most definitely enjoyed themselves. I know I certainly did. It was so wonderful to spend time with each other again. So sorry that many of you did not make it to this, our last big reunion. You were all missed by all of us who did attend. Since we are going to continue our "gatherings" during late summer in Ruidosa perhaps some of you could try to make it to some of those for continued contact with our classmates of 1962. Hope to see you there next summer. Mettie

09/24/22 10:16 AM #6848    


Mettie Cummins more comment. Altho there was some confusion as to whether the walk at Cahoon Park was going to happen or not three of us did show up at 9:00a.m. Saturday morning. Marilyn and Bob Gibb did join me there and we enjoyed our stroll thru the sunken garden and other parts of Cahoon Park. This was a pleasant time for us to visit and catch up on each other as we strolled on a beautiful day in Roswell, New Mexico. Thank you Marilyn and Bob for joining me. 

09/25/22 09:15 AM #6849    


Rex Booth


Saundra Bennett and Sara Moore reunion pictures have been posted. Saundra and Sara, Thank you for contributing!

Go to Home page, Click on "60th Reunion Pictures"! 

09/25/22 11:14 AM #6850    


Marilyn Hill (Gibb)

Thanks to Lynn and Rex for all their efforts! It was perfect! We had a great time! Was fun to see everyone and catch up. And thanks to Mettie for hosting our private tour of Cahoon Park! We enjoyed the outing and the conversation! 

09/26/22 08:29 AM #6851    


Rex Booth


I would like to take this opportunity to say I thank all of our wonderful classmates for making the 60th Reunion one of the best... west of the Pecos! And we do appreciate your kinds comments!

Those who would like to "post their pictures" of the "60th Reunion" can do so by contacting me on the Home Page left column ("Contact Us"). I'll make arrangements with you to post those pictures in a 'picture gallery' wtih your name attached!  Come on Dolls and Gents... let's share them-thar pics with other classmates!

Thank you very much!


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