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03/30/21 01:57 PM #6304    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Rex, Memories are wonderful!! HUH!! 

03/31/21 01:53 PM #6305    


John Landess


I might have a few doubts about all of Rex's memories..... He seems to have a lot of knowledge of the 'watering holes' and the places to coffee up later... His memories may be a little twisted or rounded!!

The photo of the Tastee Freez must have been a few years ahead of my appreticeship there. By the time I arrived in the ninth grade, the was a large covered eating area in the rear, where you picked up your food orders, as well as a recreation building with pinball machines.... all the more to separate the NMMI gents from their money. NMMI was kinda catty-cornered across North Main, and we probably had 75-100 or more over every evening.

I worked about 30 hours a week, starting at 35 cents an hour plus all you could eat or drink! By the time I was working the grill, I was making 50 cents and not eating much.... Something about all you can eat sounds great, but after a month or two, nix on the ice cream creations and burgers are starting to pall,,,,,, Hung in there for almost a year until the chance to caddy at the Country Club lured me away! BIG BUCKS and fresh air.


04/01/21 05:45 PM #6306    


John Landess

Well here it is again; National Atheist's Day, oops I mean April Fool' s Day..laugh and a new month of adventures!

Also, a good time to wish Happy Birthday to all the Aprilist's.... Hope all have a good one, and also hope that maybe spring will finally arrive and STAY for us all!


Tip of the day:

Few women admit their age, few men act it!!!



04/03/21 08:40 AM #6307    


John Doyal

Happy birthday to  all born in  April.

04/04/21 09:49 AM #6308    


Rex Booth

And a real nice Birthday to those born April 1st... right John! wink

04/06/21 09:06 AM #6309    


Kay Schrimsher (Shields)

Loving all the old pictures. Always a trip down memory lane

04/06/21 06:20 PM #6310    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Kay, I so Agree!! What wonderful Memories!!

04/06/21 07:19 PM #6311    


John Landess

The pay phone would certainly confuse my 11 year old grand-daughter here. Last year, my daughter and kids drove me over to the airport Hilton. They came in to sample some free cookies. While in my room, my grand-daughter saw the room phone (corded), picked it up and said "what is this"!!!! she had never seen a phone with a cord before.... What a laugh and also a reminder how far technology has come. I'm sure that I am not the only one that always had a couple of dimes in his wallet for emergency calls!

04/11/21 10:13 AM #6312    


Bill Leggett

Phone  With a Corded, I have one, on my computer area, I learned a long time ago if the POWER goes off your phone in your house won't work.  trying to call the power company, for get it, everyone is useing their cell phone. 


REMEMBER the pay phone in the hall just out side of the office going out the west door. One day I needed to usethe phone, Hung up the phone as no one was home.

Didn't get my dime back. Stuck my finger up the coin slot to see it got stuck. Someone had put some papers in the slot where  the change would not fall out. 

Who ever did it thanks it paid for my lunch an some extra that I used to Buy Gas for my car. (THAT was when GAS was less than 25 cents a gal. ) smiley

04/11/21 11:06 AM #6313    


John Landess

Bill, you must have found a real discount station (or you are a lot older than me!). I remember gas prices being about 30 - 35 cents.  My Dad did buy some kind of motor oil though that had a buffalo nickle inside the can, Instant Discount!

BTW, where was the Park n Eat located. I can't place that one. There was some place that you could get 10 or 12 burgers for a dollar. Today, we would call them sliders as they were pretty small.


Idea for the Day:

We have enough youth, how about a 'Fountain of Smart"......

04/11/21 03:48 PM #6314    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Bill I remember Gas being 25 cents a gallon. I remember Linda Dumas and I scraping together to get enough money for a Gallon or 2!! HAHAHAH!! 
I bet the person who stuffed paper in the money return was trying to collect some 
extra money and were surprised when they came back for it and it wasn't there!! HAHAHAH!!

John, You are just a young whippersnapper!! wink Ya!! Look it Up!!

04/11/21 09:43 PM #6315    

Harvey Purcella

STARDUST and 21st BD,

On Nov. 7th 1963, about 11:00 P.M. Jim Pruett, Bob Gilmore, Larry Oswalt, and I decided it was time to celebrate. We went to the Gay Nineties sat down and were quickly carded. I gave the waitress my I.D. she looked at it and said "you will have to come back in an hour", so we left. Larry didn't have a fake I.D. so he decided to catch some ZZZZs. The rest of us dragged the gut to the South end,entered the STARDUST and were served. So we sipped our drinks and shot the bull for a while and a little after midnight Gilmore said rather loudly "so Harv how does it feel to be 21"? Our servers head spun around and she glared at us, and if looks could kill I would have had a very short BD. That was more attention than we needed so we cooled it, after all I was the only one that could legally be in the bar. 


04/12/21 07:28 PM #6316    


Rex Booth

FINA had a gas station on the SE corner of McGaffey & SE Main just a few doors north of Chew Den. In 1961, I paid 25 cents/gallon for my '53 Studebaker at FINA.  50 cents could get you dragging Main street up to Greers, back down to Wylies and out to Pop's a few times. Ever wonder why peeps stopped at Greer's to just hang out...?  Ya needed to have enough gas to drive home or you're buddies would be out pushing.. unless one was lucky enough to have an 'Oklahoma credit card" in the trunk of their car...


04/12/21 07:36 PM #6317    


Ray Marshall

Regarding pay phones: In 1959 or 1960 there was a phone booth in front of the Chuck Sawey Gulf station (West 2nd and ??). The insulated wire connecting the main phone case to the handset had a small carved out spot exposing the electrical wires underneath (who would do that!). If you touched the exposed wires  to the phone case you got a dial tone! Free! Me and a couple of unnamed guys made good use of that phone booth to call some unnamed lady friends until the phone company finally fixed the problem.

Regarding gaso price: I remember putting 5 gallons in the tank for $1 IE: $.20 per gallon. Again, I think it was at Chuck Sawey Gulf Station. Those 5 gallons would cost around $12- 13 today.

Good memories of growing up in a good place at a good time.

04/13/21 08:16 AM #6318    


John Doyal

John L. the park and eat was on Atkinson by the cotton gin. Rode by it on my bike going to Florivista and East Jr. High.  I ate several of those 10 for a dollar burgers and they were the size of  a regular one today, don't remember the name of the place, but it was on SE Main.  Going to NMSU in Cruces and coming home most weekends we used lots of gas and most was .25 to .35 per gal.  Due to gas wars we sometimes lucked out and got it for .09 a gal as that was the gas tax at the  time.   Never even thought about miles per gal as we  just wanted to get there quick.   My first slider was not really one, but was my intro to Mcdonalds when  I was stationed at  Ft. Sill at Lawton, Ok.  The bugers and fries were both .15 each and 3 about made one regular one.

04/13/21 10:31 AM #6319    


John Landess

Never having a car until in college, I guess that I was not too up on gas prices. My Mom aways filled up at a Malco Station and it seemed to be in the vicinity of .30 a gallon. When we were riding with Ross Casarez in one of his family's cars, we went directly  to a Sunoco DX station on West 2nd where they had a pump that you could select the octane. We would put five gallons in of the hottest (105 octane?), to overcome the farm gas his Dad would put in! My favorite was his Dad's 61 Olds hardtop. Ross had a pink 60 T-Bird that ended up in a little accident with all of my buds in it. Luckily, I had to be at work so missed out on the excitement.

John, It seems to me the 10 for a dollar burger place was on the way to the drive in theater (Jinglebob?), as that where we would eat them. They were larger than a slider but about the size of the cheapest McD burger.

When I was in my first year of college (SEMO), the first fast food chain came in, Burger King. They had the prices set at odd amounts, but with the local tax made even money. So No change needed.

04/13/21 10:38 AM #6320    


Bill Leggett

REX you made me laugh reference the  Oklahoma credit card" in the trunk of their car.About a week a go nextdoor Nabors, asked if I had a gas can as the need just a little gas for there lawn motor, I used one to get some gas out of their car.   













04/13/21 02:15 PM #6321    


John Landess

John D.

You went to Floravista?? Did you have Mrs. Steed, Mr. Lee, or Miss Lepard (zowie)???

04/14/21 06:31 AM #6322    


John Doyal

John L. no I only had Mrs. Steed and Mr. Lee, got in enough trouble for smiling at female biology teacher in high school.  Like you I never had a car until my senior year in college.  Paid for gas to ride to and from college.  Got to drive Roy McKays  ElCamino at 110mph so we could get home faster, pretty good trick on the existing 2 lanes at the time.  He told me someday he would have the biggest house in Roswell and I thought he was pipedreaming. Got my 25th year invitation and thought how could he have all of us at his house.  Don't know if  you came, but it was definitely a surprise because he did.

04/15/21 08:00 AM #6323    


John Landess

John D. 

Roy was lucky to always have a nice car to drive. The first I remember was 1957 Mercury Monterey 2 door hard top, then a 1960 Impala hardtop, black with a red interior. 

He, Mike Ingram, Allan and Gene Rounds were my "good" friends....Church, Church camp, and Scouts, etc.

They were balanced off by Johnny Perry, George DeShirley, Ross Casarez, and sometimes Bob Gilmore and others. We were a little wilder, but compared to today..... very mild!wink

At Floravista, I had a major crush on Miss Lepard, even staying after school to help clean her room.. When we returned from Christmas Vacation (6th grade?) and she and Mr. Lee didn't, we all wondered why. When I found out that they had gotten married and were on their honeymoon, I was down! After they got back, I am sure I acted out, but Mr. Lee had a talk with me and it worked out.  He was cool.

04/16/21 08:54 AM #6324    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

To Day is Chuck Wilson's Birthday But for those whp did not know Chuck aspped away in November here is his Obituary!
Charles "Chuck" Hugh Wilson, 78, of Las Cruces, NM, passed away on November 26th, 2020 in Las Cruces, NM. Chuck went to the hospital for back pain that never improved - the fractures found in his bones are thought to have been caused by cancer.
Chuck was born in Roswell, NM on April 16th, 1942 to Joseph Adolph and Grace Wilson.
He went to Roswell High School and received his Bachelors in Business Administration from New Mexico State University.
Chuck was a simple man who enjoyed watching sports, especially the LPGA, Steelers, baseball, and NASCAR, driving his '89 5.0 mustang, country-dancing, and steadfast.
You could count on Chuck smoking a cigarette and wearing a baseball hat, or a cowboy hat for special occasions and out dancing.
His proudest moment was when both of his sons played together on their High School Golf Team as #1 and #5. He carried around the newspaper clippings for 35 years in his wallet!
Chuck was the Accountant at Las Cruces Sun News, a bus driver, and most proudly, serving his country in the Army.
Chuck was a great father, grandfather, and sweet friend who will not soon be forgotten.
Chuck is survived by his sisters Sherry and Jan, half-sister Jean, son Craig, and grand-daughter Madolyn.
Chuck is preceded in death by his parents Joseph and Grace, brothers Joe and Eugene "Kenny", and his son Keith.
"It's time to say goodbye to yesterday. This is where the cowboy rides away"
There will be no service or memorial due to COVID-19. Chuck's remains will stay in the family.
In lieu of flowers, please donate to the charity of your choosing In Honor of Chuck.

04/17/21 10:08 AM #6325    


Rex Booth

I personally would prefer not to see the "Message Forum" turned into an 'Obituary page'... However, there is a "In Memory" section provided on this site for posting this information. My opine.

04/17/21 04:38 PM #6326    


Sherry Hester (Trasp)

Sorry Rex I did not know how to post this about Chuck, I now know. Thank-You for this information!

04/22/21 08:12 AM #6327    


John Landess


Wow, now I know that I am not the only one that has problems posting stuff on this page!!!!wink

Oh well, you can always rely on Rex....

Tip of the day:

No one is listening until you make a mistake.........

04/22/21 06:38 PM #6328    


Rex Booth

John L,

Gee! You make mistakes?  You could Miss Taken...  wink

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