David C. Holdridge

Profile Updated: December 25, 2019
Residing In: Talisay City, Cebu Philippines
Homepage: www.24-7.center
Occupation: Semi-retired, ever since that "semi" rear-ended me. Sometimes: minister. Full time father, grandfather, great grandfather.
Children: Kezia, b. 9-86; Naasson, b. 7-85; Ahisha, b. 6-77; TJ, b.12-78; Nettie, b.9-71; April (dcd), b.3-71; More…Anthony, b. 10-56; Gregory; grandchildren: Andres, Antonio, Shay, Cameron, Amber, Damein, Winnie, Lucien, Owen, Jayden and four great-grand kids: Caleb, Jaylon, Johnathon, Madison Rose
Military Service: NM Army National Guard  

Update:12-26-19. My third Christmas & birthday here in the Philippines. Christmas is much noisier here . Lots of fireworks but the clamor is not only the fireworks. Church services are many times amplified on outdoor speakers so the passerby or the neighborhood can't miss them. The outdoor market was buzzing with activity today, mainly selling sliced bread. This evening, i am reminded why: Jesus, the bread of life, was born in Bethlehem, translated house of bread in Hebrew.
Update: 9-15-18. Today marks one year of living in the Philippines. I arrived on 9-15-17. After 12 years of thinkiing about moving overseas, I made the decision to move here. Part of that decision was the loss of my home in Roswell and everything in it to a fire on July 30, 2017. It's much easier to move when all you have left fits into two suitcases. After being here a year, I can say my body has adjusted to the tropical climate. If you come to Cebu, look me up. I've got an extra room or two for guests!

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