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Jack Hankins

Jack Hankins

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10/26/12 03:32 PM #2    

Billy Turley

I can only repeat what John said,from East and RHS.

"Hank the Tank"was truly one of the good guys. I don't belive he had an enemy in the world nor a bad word

for anyone.

RIP my Friend.

10/26/12 04:24 PM #3    

Rex Booth

Jack was a true friend to me and to many others.  Jackie and I started out in the 2nd grade at Washington Avenue Grade School.  Jack was always jovial and smiling.  A few of us called him "Smilin' Jack" after the ace pilot in the newspaper comic strip.
Was glad Jack was able to make it to our 50th reunion.  I know Jack had a good time visiting with his school mates and am very thankful to have spent some quality time talking with Jack after the reunion.  Jack told me a great story when he played football while in the Marines.  It was so funny!  I will truly miss Jack.  Jack was a great friend.  
My condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to Nancy and to Jack's family. 
Rex Booth


10/26/12 04:32 PM #4    

Bill Leggett

RIP JACK you are with friends now and fellow Marine's


Bill L RHS 63

10/26/12 04:53 PM #5    

Billy Ward

Mr. Jack, the man with the contagious laugh. What fun we had throughout our school years. A man that never had a bad thing to say about anyone. You could always find Jack with a smile on his face. He looked so good at the reunion. that it is so hard to believe he his with his maker. Thank you Jack for being my friend. You will be missed. RIP Big Guy!







10/26/12 07:18 PM #6    

Ray Marshall

I have only good memories of Jack from RHS during the years 1960-1962. But also good memories from New Mexico State University (1962+) where Jack, me, Lester Reischman, Lynn Link, Don Wolf and other assorted Roswell types were enrolled. Jack was always trying to figure a way to get out of mandatory ROTC but later joined the Marine Corp (go figure!). We had some great times during that time of our lives. At one of our earlier RHS reunions Jack had some encouraging words for me regarding a particularly painful time in my life. Thanks Jack. Jack Hankins, always quick with a smile, a wisecrack, a bit of homespun advice. He was one of the good guys. I will miss him.

10/26/12 09:02 PM #7    

Kay Cook (Taylor)

How the memories are flooding Gene's and my mind.  Jack was a very special friend.  We remembered so many fun times in school, and when a bunch of us found our way back home from college.  We too can't share all of the fun times we had here, but many laughs and fun times were shared.  The last time we shared with Jack, was before he and Mike were on their way to Nam.  I was living in Escondido, and they came for a week before they left.  that was to be their first time at war, and we were all anxious, but trying to smile through their departure.  I think that Jack is embracing Mike, and having a grand time.  Dear friend you will be missed.


Gene and Kay

10/26/12 09:05 PM #8    

Kay Cook (Taylor)

P.S.   Bill (Wildman) always make everything so special, and I know that Jack would have loved the card you put here so much.  He was such a proud Marine.

10/27/12 08:17 AM #9    

Gene Huggins

Semper Fi, Jack

Gene Huggins

10/27/12 09:20 AM #10    

Charlotte Adams

I'm so saddened by our friend Jack's passing.  I remember

him as a very gentle soul and a kind man  with a wonderful

sense of humor.

Charlotte Adams

10/29/12 09:21 AM #11    

Sanford Green

Hankins, Truelove and I were at Eastern at the same time.  We hung out together nearly every day and had some great times playing poker and going to Clovis for beer breaks.  I'm sure he and Truelove are having a marvelous reunion right now.  We were all majoring in Accounting and spent many hours together working on assignments and studying.  After graduation, I moved to Ft Worth and Jack worked for General Telephone after college.  He would come to Ft Worth often on business trips and he always made it a point to get together for dinner and a few beers.  He was a great friend to me and most people who knew him.  He was one of the good guys and will be missed very much by those that knew him.  I know this is a great loss to Nancy and children and wish them the best in coping with Jack's death. 

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