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George DeShurley

George DeShurley

George was killed in Viet Nam in 1968.  He was only 25 years old, born on November 29th, 1943.

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08/16/14 06:02 PM #4    

Tommy Weathers

George's mom and dad ate at my place for as  many years as I can remember. We didn't talk about George but many times George's mom would just hug me and she had a look in her eye that said thank you for being George's friend. Thank you George for giving all for your country.

08/17/14 12:10 PM #5    

Mack Kizer

George  was a really good guy and a good friend of mine.  His wife was Marjie Guynes, sister to Mary, Danny and Lanny Guynes. She worked for Glenn Mattlege the dentist forever and is probably still working there .  She is a really nice lady.  Lynn ,  Mr. Deshurley was a good friend of your dad.  They were officed in the same building when your dad hadhis office over there on North Virginia.  MK

08/17/14 03:00 PM #6    

Margaret Nichols (Kuenzler)

Margie has since died. She was so sweet to my mom. Always picked her up for Red Hatters.


08/17/14 06:05 PM #7    

Mike (Mickey) Gann

I remember George specifically from our Soph. year    A great friend,...Sincere to all his classmates.!              A special remembrance to George and his Family for His Ultimate Commitment for our Country's Freedom.,htm 

08/18/14 08:26 AM #8    

Lynn Snipes (Allensworth)

Mack, you are right, George's family and mine were very tight!!!  George and I were raised together and blessed to have known each other.  George's mom passed away about 2 years ago and she was always the nicest lady!  My Dad and George's Dad were so close that when George's Dad passed away my Dad missed him so much.  A lot of history through good times and bad!

08/18/14 10:40 AM #9    

John Allensworth


This is from Mickey Gann, thanks Mickey!




08/18/14 01:54 PM #10    

Richard Watts

As a Vietnam Veteran, I feel it is very appropriate to not only remember, but honor George for his sacrafice to this country, his family and friends. He was but one of over 58,000 this country lost in Vietnam, however, he was and will always be 'Class of 1962 "- Roswell High School Coyotes !!

In passing , the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War will be in 2015. Not only do we need to remember George, but all those who lost their live during the 10 year span of this war : March, 8 1965 to April 30, 1975.

08/20/14 02:32 PM #11    

Johnny Cole

I was in Viet Nam when I heard George had died.  I had seen death before but never someone from my peer group at East Junior High School in Roswell NM.  I still remember to this day when in Coach Southworth's 9th grade PE class I poked George in the eye while playing basketball.  His eye was blood red for a long time.  I don't remember how many times I said I was sorry.  George was a good guy and the world missed a lot when he left us.

08/20/14 07:55 PM #12    

Linda Branham (Loken)

I had several classes with George and he was such a tease! I remember one day he had broke a plastic ruler and spent the rest of the class time trying to throw pieces of the ruler down the front of my dress! At that age I guess it was his way of flirting, I also babysat for his aunt and uncle, George and Dorthey DeShurley. They were very social and kept me in spending money for years, I loved their 2 kids, David and Sydney (George's cousins) and I have reconnected with Sydney thru Facebook. Sydney now lives in Phoenix and teaches high school. When we reconnected, Sydney noticed I had a link with a Dance Company in Phoenix and wanted to know how I was connected to it as her daughter had been attending their conventions for years. I then told her the owner was my sister Sharon's husband. Small world, huh?

08/23/14 09:35 AM #13    

John Landess

George and Johnny Perry were my two best friends from the 9th grade on. We often did things our parents would have certainly have disapproved of, but would be pretty innocent today.

Once we went out hunting and were using Mr. DeShurley's '56 Ford pickup (which was cool). We had a bunch of rifles (thankfully held safely) when one went off and shot a hole through the windshield. We were scared to death, but finally worked up the nerve to tell his Dad what happened. He never said a word but went out to look at the windshield, came back in saying a few choice words, but then told us he was so glad we were OK and that HE was at fault for not having put away the one old rifle as he had known it was unsafe. It had been his Father's and was well used..

George's Mom, who had been standing there quietly, then gave each of us a big tearful hug.

I realized then that George had a great family and was pretty special himself. I think of him often.


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