Mike (Mickey) Gann

Profile Updated: August 26, 2014
Residing In: Phoenix, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Patricia
Occupation: Architect
Children: Michael, born 1968; Scott, born 1970
Military Service: US Army, 82nd Airborne/Infantry Div.  

At the end of our Soph.RSH '60 year, twin sister Margery, little sister Peggy, along with parents M/Sgt Joe & Dorothy Gann transferred to England... Margie and I attended Central HS,London.BushyPark. Two wonderful years of Dorm Life, HS Education, jammed full of American and European sports competition with other American High Schools in Europe. Graduated in '62, left the family in England and hustled over to California to pursue sports and College.
Two years later, after discovering how to compete with "WorldClassAthletes" I enlisted in the U.S.Army,Infantry/82Airborne, serving three years ('64-'67) at FtBragg NC & SantoDomingo,DominicanRepublic. 1967, dragged my new bride Patricia, from NC to Oklahoma (where I could go to school as a resident), and begin our new life together, and pursue a career in Architecture. Licensed in 1976 Oklahoma. Attended College at: Glendale JC Calif., University of Maine, Oklahoma State Technical College (Taught Architectural Drafting) , Oklahoma University, Arizona State University.
Twin sister Margie, died of Breast Cancer at age 35. Margie has two children now living in Georgia. Little sister PeggySue Gann served 20yrs in the USAF retired SM/sgt. Peggy died at age 58, complications of Alzheimers.
Maintained an Architectural Practice in Oklahoma City until 1984, along with raising our two sons, heavily involved in school and sports programs to include, Soccer (Pioneered organizing the N OKC Soccer Club/Youth&Adult), baseball, & National Racquetball Competition.
In 1984 we moved from Oklahoma to Phoenix, Arizona, taking advantage of the Architectural Economy and out-of-doors Environment & lifestyle. We abandoned some indoor activities like racquetball & tennis for their outdoor counterpart and expanded our interests to Soccer, Competative Cycling/ Mt Bike racing, hiking and camping. 30 years later & still in Arizona, age70s, arthritis, and less than toned muscles, has brought us Parents to non- combative enjoyment of our activities..for... boisterous support/coaching of the kids.

School Story:

I speak specifically of how Impressionable Coach Baughman, Allensworth, Cook, Hankins, Turley & Truelove were for me, that Soph year, in establishing an intensity and practice discipline that I have taken into sports competition for myself, and attempted to set example as a coach.
Coach Baughman Story: Be the "Tuffest" & "Most Memorable" kid at Practice.
I'm sitting in the back of Baughman's Math class, hiding with head in hands, for fear of being called upon. ..."bruised forearms exposed" ... Class is over! I'm sneaking out. Coach B. calls me to his desk! & exclaims!
"Gann!" ...... "Before practice today....get some forearm shivver pads from the team manager! protect those bruises! & keep smackin-round those offensive linemen.... & get a facemask..if ya need!.

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We missed getting over to Ruiodoso and visiting with you....and old (not you) classmates. I was sooo looking forward to that. since "60. A Wonderful Happy Birthday to You !
Contemporary John&Lynn .... How I picture the 2ofU.

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Aug 17, 2014 at 6:32 PM
Aug 15, 2014 at 10:34 AM

Will be looking for your book....as I thoroughly enjoy photography... Also and Airforce Brat,,,, Roswell HS '59-60, London Central HS 61-62.

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Aug 03, 2014 at 10:56 AM

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Saundra / Cal
Small world...never know till ya ask! I'm enjoying your rhetoric/banter with the boys on the Forum ..... I'll wiggle in and if appropriate? But now want to investigate the small world. Pat & I lived in OKc from 67-84 and practiced Architecture throughout OKla. Our connection is StateDept of Health,Building design (you may have worked in) ..and Murrah Building. I have a cousins in MWCity and retired teacher, cousin Judy Colvin, in Moore school district. We lived in MWC several years before moving to NW, PennSquare neighborhood. Among all that..& East Jr/RHS, I bet there is some "small world" stuff. We are trying to work in "the Gathering" later this month.

Aug 01, 2014 at 12:33 PM

Happy Birthday and congrats on raising such a wonderful looking family. Remembering you from East and Soph. year at RHS. mickgann

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Back a few years, OK more than a few!
Jul 17, 2014 at 8:22 PM

A Wonderfull Happy Birthday to you....from this remote East jr High friend.

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